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This year, due to the quarantining and staying at home most of the time, I have had the time to watch a lot of TV shows and movies. I have seen many good movies along with many bad ones as well, but my top movie of 2020 has to be Knives Out. After stumbling upon this movie, I sat down and prepared myself to watch the movie. Without giving any spoilers yet, the movie surrounds the Thrombey family and occurs after the head of the Thrombey family, Harlan Thrombey, is killed in what first appears to be a suicide. The private detective hired for the investigation, Benoit Blanc, begins his search by interrogating every single member of the family, including Harlan’s nurse and best friend, Marta Cabrera. 


The thing I like most about this movies is that it is not your usual murder mystery. In the beginning, we learn that Marta has had a terrible mishap with Harlan’s medicine, and after both of them discuss what to do, Harlan commits suicide so that Marta does not have any responsibility over his own death. Marta follows Harlan’s plan to get out of it, and we the audience assist Marta alongside her journey. Throughout most of the movie, we are under the impression that she is the murderer. At the same time, I found myself rooting for her because I know she did not intentionally plan to murder him. As the movie continues, we learn that it is far more complicated than this. As Benoit Blanc puts it, the hole within the donut hole has a hole itself. I think the audience follows Blanc’s perspective of the story, since Blanc reveals from the beginning of the movie he knew Marta was involved with Harlan’s murder. 

I love the fact that this movie was not only a murder mystery, but a comedy as well. We see this most often through the very dysfunctional family, the Thrombeys. Every member of the family is different and they each have many, many faults. We learn, along with Marta, that even good people have their faults and can do anything for money. Some even go to the extent of threatening Marta after they learn that she will acquire Harlan’s inheritance. I think the cast was brilliantly chosen and each actor does a spectacular job at portraying their characters. I especially like Jamie Lee Curtis’ and Daniel Craig’s performance. I am now a super fan of Daniel Craig after this movie. 

The last thing I want to say is that I love how each piece of the puzzle comes together by the end of the movie. There are tiny details that are brought up in the beginning of the movie or throughout the movie, and by the end you realize how they all make up the story. I applaud the writer of this movie for paying attention to such detail and for their creativity. This movie deserves an A+ on my part, I recommend it to anyone who can watch it!

Izabella Lizarazo

Columbia Barnard '24

Izabella is a freshman at Barnard College, often found listening and/or singing along to show tunes or Latin jazz. She's a fan of journaling, organizing, and writing. She is almost always available to go out and talk over a bubble tea or ice cream with friends. Although she is undecided on what her college major will be, Izabella is interested in history, politics, literature, and Spanish and Latin American cultures.