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K-Pop Songs to Listen to that Are Perfect for This Season

During the colder months, I notice myself listening to more relaxing songs in general. As someone who enjoys listening to K-pop, here are some of the songs that I have heard and saved in my playlist that I would like to recommend, especially if you’re looking to venture into a new genre of music.

“I” by Taeyeon

Although this song was released five years ago, it remains a must-listen song for me. Taeyeon’s vocals in “I” are powerful and touching. The music video was also beautifully filmed. This song made me feel the beauty of life and nature as I immerse myself in the music. I particularly resonate with the lyrics “My life is a beauty.”

“She’s in the Rain” by The Rose

One lyric that really hits me in this song is “You wanna hurt yourself, I’ll stay with you/ You wanna make yourself go through the pain/ It’s better to be held than holding on.” Sometimes it seems so hard to hang on and keep fighting, but playing “She’s in the Rain” makes me feel better knowing that there’s a purpose to life, there’s a possibility, and I should not just give up.

“How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love” by AKMU

AKMU continues to produce music with great harmonies, making this song a must-add to my list. Unlike the traditional K-pop groups that focus on visuals or dancing or have many members, this brother and sister duo makes music more centered on vocals. Their voices blend together perfectly, making their songs a great listen if you want a moment of peace after a tiring day.

“Why Did I Fall in Love with You” by DBSK

Despite being released more than 10 years ago, this song remains one of my favorites. Although the lyrics are rather sad, the vocals are fantastic. I particularly love the feelings generated by the instrumentals, making the piece another must-listen for me.

“In a Different Life” by Max Changmin

Changmin is known for his powerful and high-range notes. Therefore, when this song first came out, I was surprised to hear a different and softer side to him. Unlike in most of his songs, “In a Different Life” features a relatively slow and gentle melody. The whole piece is incredibly soothing. When listening, I feel like I can just relax despite all the chaos and noise surrounding me.

“Just One Day” by BTS

“Just One Day” is perfect to listen to if you are ever sitting in a café waiting for a cup of coffee. The drumbeat and the chorus build up the song by merging and transitioning between the chorus and the more powerful bridge.

“Born to Be a Lady” by Girls Generation

This song gives me a feeling of hope every time I listen to it. Just as Girls Generation sings, “the hope is love.” Whenever I feel down, I listen to “Born to Be a Lady” to remind myself of what matters. I strongly recommend if you are feeling down or lack the motivation to take a moment to refuel with this relatively upbeat song.

The songs I listen to during this time of the year are more slow and melancholy, but at the same time, they put me in the right mood and help me look towards the future.

Lily Cai

Columbia Barnard '23

Lily is a sophomore at Barnard College, intending to double major in economics and computer science. Apart from school, she loves trying out new food and cuisines. She also enjoys listening to music, reading books, and watching Netflix. Lily would love to meet new people and feel free to reach out to her!
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