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Jackie Thompson

Name: Jackie Thompson
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Class Year: 2013
Major: Psychology
Relationships Status: In a committed relationship with Starbucks

On-campus activities: Delta Gamma, Raw Elementz

Off-campus activities: Community Service

Best thing about being a senior so far: Using “I’m a senior” as an excuse for random acts of debauchery

Fun Fact: I can’t cartwheel. Womp.

Quote you live by: “Sorry I’m not sorry”

Describe your ideal date: Going to a concert

Pet peeve: Small talk.

Celebrity crush: Usher. No question.

You just won the lottery…what do you do?: Buy my mom a house (duh)

The clothing item you couldn’t live without: Black Northface. Classic.

Biggest turn-off: B.O. ew

Top travel destination: Mexico

Most embarrassing moment: Fave black jeans ripping mid-Raw Elementz performance.

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