I'm Not a Music Critic, but Niall Horan's New Album Is Seriously Good

Full Disclosure: I’ve been a One Direction fan since 2011, so this article is not totally unbiased. The point of it, however, is that you should be listening to Niall Horan’s new album, Flicker.

The whole “hiatus-going-solo” thing was a blow, I’m not gonna lie, but Harry eased me into it with his lovely debut album (you should also give it a listen if you have not). So, when Niall’s first solo song came out, I was feeling it. It was a slow and sweet folksy tune. Then, to borrow the words of Matt Stopera from Buzzfeed, “‘Slow Hands’ was released and it took three listens until I was like, ‘Well, fuck me running. This is a bop!'”

Shortly afterwards, I bought a ticket to Niall’s show in New York on October 31st. I decided to dress up as a golfer so Niall would notice me (neither of those things ended up happening). What did happen, however, was that Niall released the album roughly a week before the show. Listening to the songs and then getting to hear them live so soon after fully convinced me that if you’re not on-board with the new Niall, then you really should be. Here, I’m going to just highlight a few of my favorite songs, to hopefully convince you to listen if you’re still in limbo.

“On the Loose”

As my friend said when she heard this song, “who IS she??” We also refer to this as the werewolf song, if you were looking for any more intrigue. It’s one of the more fast-paced songs on the album, and it’s basically about the girl who.did.that.

“Seeing Blind”

This is the only collaboration on the album, and it is amazing. Maren Morris, a country singer, features on the track, and, if all country music sounded like this, I would put my prejudice aside and stan it. Honestly, get yourself to a car, put the windows down, and jam out. You can thank me later.


The song after which the album is named, a.k.a. it’s a big deal! This one means the most to Niall, and it changed the direction of the whole album - I swear, he told us at the concert. Whenever I listen to this song, it just makes me think of home, you know? Like you’re sitting on a porch with tea in your hands and nowhere else to be. Trust me.

“On My Own”

If this song isn’t the epitome of self-love, I dunno what else is. I’m single right now, so maybe that’s why it speaks to me.


I really underestimated this song until I saw it live. It is GOOD. Also, it’s perfect if sometimes you like to stare out of car/train/plane windows and pretend you’re Sad. (we all do that, right?)

“The Tide”

It’s just a bop. The last song of the album, it will leave you wanting more.


Again, I’m not a music critic, but you’re gonna want to give Flicker a listen.