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I Dressed Like Lara Jean From ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ For a Week

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is easily the best teen movie of the 2010s. I can’t even think of a close contender. Teens love it. Adults love it. Critics love it. While a lot of coverage of the film was (deservedly so) devoted to the truly lovable love interest Peter Kavinsky, so much of the reason fans adore the film is because of its protagonist, Lara Jean Song-Covey. She’s smart, kind and funny. Her introvertedness is celebrated, not shamed, and even as she comes out of her shell, she doesn’t change who she is. She has a messy, but wonderfully decorated room. But most importantly, for the purposes of this article, she has amazing style.  Because I am a Professional Journalist and Professional To All The Boys Stan, I dressed like Lara Jean for a week to empirically prove what a style icon she truly is (I also recommend reading To All The Boys author Jenny Han’s beautiful New York Times op-ed for some insight into how she and the producers curated Lara Jean’s style.)

Monday: Overalls Are Always Perfect

Overalls (or dungarees, if you’re British—or you just enjoy saying the word, like me!) are always the best option for when you want to feel like you’re in Mamma Mia, or in this case, on the steps of the Song-Covey household!

Tuesday: Berets and Butter Popcorn

Though we only see this outfit for a brief shot, it’s my favorite Lara Jean look in the movie! I’m partial to the French Girl™️ aesthetic, and I appreciate Lara Jean’s choice to wear a dress and beret to the movies—a destination you’re typically expected to wear your shabbiest outfit!

Wednesday: Stripes and Skirts and Sad Goodbyes

If you’re saying goodbye to your sister at the airport, or just going to class on a brisk day, this is the perfect outfit!  Accessorize it with sunglasses you’ll never take off your head! You can’t see in the picture, but it’s important to me that you know I’m wearing a polka dot version of Lara Jean’s lucky scrunchie.

Thursday: The Corner Café Look

Lara Jean wears this outfit to down a solitary soda and pretend everything in her life hasn’t just blown up—which I respect!  I just wore it to class, and while Peter Kavinsky didn’t show up drinking a milkshake next to me, I still felt pretty good in it. I’m rolling my eyes as if to say, “Ugh, Peter Kavinsky, I’m not trying to date you.” It’s something I’ve never personally been compelled to say, but I’m trying new things this week!

Friday: The Party Look

The perfect look for when your fake boyfriend makes you go to a party because it’s in your fake dating contract! I didn’t have a baby blue bomber and had to improvise, so this look is Lara Jean if she was super inspired by Alexa Chung circa 2013. Just make sure you don’t let your favorite scrunchie out of your sight.

If you’re feeling really inspired by this article, here is a list of some other things you can do to feel more like Lara Jean this week:

  • Bring some carrots to the Milstein Center—or, if you’re feeling really crazy, maybe even Butler.  Crunch them and watch stressed students squirm.

  • Spend your Saturday night binging Golden Girls or a show of your choice (you were going to do that anyway? Same).

  • Find a fake boyfriend! (Peter Kavinsky is, unfortunately, not a viable option.)

  • Travel across town to buy some Korean Yogurt smoothies (or have your fake boyfriend go for you!).

  • Most importantly, write some love letters (don’t let your little sister anywhere near them, though).

Hannah Zwick

Columbia Barnard '21

Hannah Zwick is a student at Barnard College. Every day she spends at Columbia University in the City of New York she strays further from God and closer to Vampire Weekend. https://hannahzwick.contently.com/
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