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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

For many of us, February 14th is a touchy time. While some of us may get struck by Cupid’s arrow, many of us resent the Hallmark holiday which essentially promotes PDA and singles awareness. Instead of wallowing in your dorm room, why not show some love to your best gal pals with a Galentine’s party? 

Send Them Valentines!

The cutest way to invite your friends to this party is to send them little Valentines! Personalize each one to make your guests feel special, and maybe even attach a small treat! Here are some cute ones to get you started!


Spruce up the party room with some festive decorations! Why not make it an Instagrammable occasion chock-full of pink and red glitter, hearts, banners, and balloons? Maybe even invest in some funky glasses or props to make a bomb photo booth!

Make the Perfect Playlist.

Maybe your squad likes listening to slow, sappy, romantic music. Or perhaps this is the opportunity to pump up the self-love songs, blasting Lizzo and Beyoncé tunes for everyone around to hear. Regardless, be sure to craft an awesome playlist to set the tone of your soiree!

Stock Up on Crafts.

Get your sweetest friends to engage in a lovely session of craft-making! Whether it’s painting frames, creating yarn hearts, or making DIY jewelry, getting creative is the perfect way to simultaneously relax and have fun! 

Load Up on Snacks!

No party is complete without munchies! Serve your best girl friends Valentine’s classics like red wine and chocolate-covered strawberries. Or maybe opt for more quirky, playful treats like heart-shaped pizzas or a red-velvet Valentine cake!

Dress Up.

There is no reason not to dress your best! Show off your new sexy little black dress, rock your highest heels, and feel like a million bucks! This will make taking photos even more fun! Maybe even spruce things up with some spunky Valentine’s jewelry or hair accessories

…and get ready to party! Make this Valentine’s Day about your best relationships — those with your girl friends! Be reminded of how grateful you are for them on Valentine’s Day and every other day.

Claire Lempert

Columbia Barnard '23

is a sophomore at Barnard studying economics, psychology, and English. She loves exploring NYC, running, writing, and creating dioramas.