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How to Pamper Your Man This V-Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m sure most of us are excited to get cute presents from out significant others. It’s true we all love getting roses, Godiva chocolate, and our favorite perfume; but let’s switch up the gender roles this year. Give your man a break and surprise him by being the one to woo the socks off his feet this V-Day. However, why limit the celebration to just one day? Let’s make this Valentine’s Day memorable and start pouring out the champagne next Monday.

Man Crush Monday 2/10/14

Does your guy have a sweet tooth? Bake him a dozen of his favorite type of cookies and throw in some brownies while you’re at it. If you can’t find time between going to the gym and running to lab to slave in the kitchen, get your order from Insomnia Cookies. Buy (or bake) enough so he can share with his buddies, while bragging about how great of a girlfriend he has. (+2 Brownie Points) 



Throw It Back Tuesday 2/11/14

Let’s throw it back to 2001, by making your man a mixtape. Put together a mixtape of songs that you’ve both enjoyed together, whether it’s a song that defines your relationship or simply various Taylor Swift songs. Burn them all onto a CD if you want a tangible gift or keep it as digital playlist if CDs are too old school for you.


Woo Your Man Wednesday 2/12/14

Get a pen and a piece of nice stationary and pour out your love in a handwritten letter. It sounds cheesy, but I’m sure he’ll love reading how much you appreciate him. Along with writing him a letter, buy him his favorite cologne. If he doesn’t have a favorite, you can’t go wrong with Armani Code by Giorgio Armani or Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather. They’re both such yummy, manly fragrances.



Treat Him Thursday 2/13/14

Is your main man a big sports fan or is he more artsy? If your guy loves a particular sport, see if you can score tickets to a game when his favorite team comes to play in the City. If your hubby likes more artistic things, try buying tickets for a Broadway show or for the Ballet for a date in the near future. If all else fails, venture into the City and treat your babe to some ice cream.


Finale Friday 2/14/14

Whoot, the big day is here! This is your chance to be creative and do what you feel is fun and cute. Here are some ideas though. If he’s not already over, invite your guy to your place in the morning and make him some breakfast. Scrambled eggs with a side of your gorgeous man is a great start to an eventful day. In the evening, go to his favorite restaurant (book reservations a week ahead of time, girl!) and grab the check. He’ll be very impressed and probably won’t let you pay, but offer anyways. Just let the night take you away and allow your man to take charge. You’ve already done your part of being a great Valentine!


**Chances are you’ll be in for an amazing surprise by Friday. You’ve charmed your hubby throughout the week and he’s probably waiting to impress you at an even larger scale on Friday. If you get that Tiffany necklace you’ve been hinting at for the past month, feel free to thank Her Campus!

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