How to Layer Without Getting Buried

As the temperature drops with the coming of winter, we Barnumbians need to find a way to stay warm, while walking to and from class or just around MoHi in general. One issue you may run into while trying to stay comfy and cozy is that you get overwhelmed by the plethora of layers you need to wear to stay warm, which makes you want to strip it all off as soon as you get inside. Lucky for you, we know just how to layer you up without burying you in the process.

The first layer you want to wear is a thin and light base-layer, which will be the piece with direct contact to your skin. It may sound gross, but these kinds of layers absorb sweat and moisture best. An ideal base-layer will have thumbholes so that your arms truly have full coverage. 


Under Armour

Next, you want a semi-thick layer. This should be a warm sweater: wool, polyester and cashmere are the optimal materials to keep you nice and warm.

Your third layer can be a mini-jacket. That includes anything from a jean jacket and quilted vest to a puffy or leather jacket. This is an optional layer, depending on how cold you feel. We suggest wearing this item when temperatures really drop.

J. Crew

The last layer is your classic winter jacket. Popular ones this season are waterproof, navy/olive colors with fur-lined hoods. This layer should be big enough to fit on top of all the other layers and will provide maximum warmth.

Urban Outfitters

It doesn't stop at layering your upper-body: there are still accessories and tools you’ll need to make sure your whole body stays toasty. You definitely want to invest in a thick, wool scarf. Blanket scarves have been a staple piece this season and not only are they trendy, but they're perfect for maximum coverage.


You'll also need a good pair of gloves (preferably leather), hat, and earmuffs. Investing in a good pair of warm fuzzy socks will also be essential. Lastly, doubling up on leggings and socks is never a bad idea.

Remember: the beauty about layers is that you can add or subtract them depending on how warm or cold you’re feeling. Avoid letting winter get the better of you this year- keep calm and layer on!