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How to Decorate Your Dorm For the Holidays

When the cold really starts to set in and finals season is looming, what better way to counter the gloom than to dress up your dorm for the holidays? It’s a great way to brighten up your days and to remind yourself that it’s almost time to go home!

Here’s some fun ideas to get you started:

1. Lights, lights, lights! Holidays are all about brightening up the cold winter days and nights. Embrace it with multiple strings of fairy lights or Christmas lights. Drape them around your room, or let them dangle down in front of a window. If you’re a DIY master, washi-tape them to your wall in a Christmas tree pattern. 

2. Hanging Snowflakes: Remember those holiday craft projects in grammar school? It’s time to bring ‘em back! Grab some printer paper from the nearest computer lab and DIY your own paper snowflakes. Buy a little roll of ribbon or brightly-colored twine and create your very own winter wonderland by hanging them from your ceiling.

3. Stockings and wreaths and wrapping paper, oh my! What’s the one part of your dorm that everyone can see? The door! This is the way to show off your holiday spirit and to put some personality into decorating. There are so many ways to jazz it up! One of my personal favorites is to use a clear command hook and hang a stocking, maybe with your initial or individualized with a glitter sharpie. Another fun idea: hang a wreath! Michaels is the perfect place to go to craft a decorative door- they have mini wreaths make of everything from jingle bells to faux pine branches. Or, if you’re ambitious, go whole hog and hang a full-sized one for double the fun. Finally, a popular idea in dorms is to cover your door in wrapping paper and stick a bow on it. That way, you’re the gift to the world every time you step out of your room. It’s also so easy to show off your style— make an artistic collage with multiple patterns or add ribbons and bows!

4. Scents! While it’s a bummer that we can’t have real scented candles (*cough* at least out in the open *cough*), there are other ways to fill the air with warm, spiced scents like sugar cookie, apple cinnamon, or pumpkin chai. Use reed oil diffusers, air freshener sprays, wall plug-ins, or scent packets. 

5. Mini Christmas Tree! If you’re a Christmas lover, a mini tree is the way to go. You can choose between an actual mini pine or a plastic fold-out tree with faux snow. Either way, they’re fun to decorate with mini ornaments, an extra string of lights, and of course a star at the top! If you’re in a suite, you can try to coordinate with your suite mates and get a slightly larger tree for the entryway or the living room. Everyone can help decorate it too- and the best part is, you can put presents for each other under the branches!

(source: http://neverlistless.blogspot.com/2012/11/who-is-ready-to-put-up-their-christmas.html )

6. Mini Garland: Whether you make one or buy one, garlands are a fun way to add some decoration. Paper chains of colored cardstock are simple and classic, but fancier options include intertwining fabric with ornaments and lights, or even using some small gifts (think wrapped jewelry boxes) to spruce it up even more. If you’re going for the professional look, you can purchase mini garlands anywhere from Michael’s to Target to Amazon. 

7. Plants: Mini magnolias, poinsettias, or holly plants are great ways to add greenery to your room and get into the holiday spirit! Any winter blooms are perfect. Of course, make sure you have the room and the wherewithal to take care of your new plants; it does take a little bit of a green thumb.

8. Even MORE lights: If you have your own desk lamp or floor lamp, a great way to add some holiday ambience to your dorm room is to replace the lights with colored bulbs. Red and green for Christmas, blue for Hanukkah . . . the choice is yours. 

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving…now get cracking on dorm decorations with these ideas!

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