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Honoring The True Gossip Girl Fashionista: Blair Waldorf’s Best Looks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

This is my third article on Gossip Girl style. While I know it is somewhat overkill, I have good reasons for doing so: this show had looks so good I feel compelled to memorialize them by writing a series of shitty articles on the subject. The breadth and depth of Gossip Girl style cannot be captured by one, or two, or even three articles (yes, part four is coming soon). In this piece, I will be focusing specifically on Gossip Girl’s resident fashionista, Blair Waldorf. Here are some of my absolute favorite looks of hers from the show’s six seasons.

1. This black lacy number

Let’s start at the very beginning: our first encounter with Blair Waldorf in the pilot. This witchy, elegant outfit is perfect for the jealous, cold persona she takes on for the show’s first few episodes. Monochrome looks fantastic  on her, and she dresses it up with voluminous curls and her soon-to-be signature headband. Even when we haven’t yet learned to love Blair Waldorf, there is no denying that her looks slay.

2. Her best Thanksgiving outfit

Blair’s thanksgiving outfit from season 1 is an absolutely underrated lewk in the odyssey of Gossip Girl fashion. The cape. The lace. The monochrome color scheme. The patterned tights. They are all famtastic. The vintage vibes are strong in this outfit, and I’m loving every second of it. I also love how they did her hair in season 1: big, loose curls look so good on her. She tops it off with her signature headband. I am convinced Blair Waldorf is the only person in this entire world who can actually pull off a headband after the age of seven.

3. When she dressed to impress on her first day back at school, despite being a social outcast

This whole outfit is iconic. The sleeves of her shirt are ridiculous but somehow look…good? The dramatic collar, wide belt, gloves that only cover half of her hands? Who is she? Blair brings together some of the most questionable accessories known to man and creates one of the most undoubtedly stylish looks ever. How does she do it?

4. When Blair reached her preppy peak at school

I am from the west coast, so I have been trained from a young age to disdain any and everything preppy. My judgemental eye was forced to avert its gaze when I laid eyes on this outfit of Blair’s for the first time, though. Plaid, stripes, argyle? Come on. How does she look fantastic in this? And where does she find the time and energy to dress like this for school? She looks like a stylish American flag and against my better judgement, I am totally for it.

5. This. Look.

This outfit is yet another one of Blair’s looks that is criminally underrated. The dress is so sweet and innocent, and it gives off a strong vintage vibe when paired with these heels. The button and bow detailing is exquisite, and her choice to stick with a black, white, and grey color scheme makes this look sweet-yet-sophisticated. Her decision to accessorize minimally draws all focus to the amazing dress, and a patterned coat with bell sleeves tops off the look.

6. When she stunned in green

Green is one of Blair’s best colors. Whenever she wears it (which is not often enough), it always looks incredible on her. This scene with Chuck in the Hamptons was particularly gorgeous, their lush clothing playing off the verdant garden around them. This look also shows how few accessories blair actually needs: a simple, chunky bracelet on her wrist and a slim headband in her curls, and she’s set.

7. Her look at the white party

Blair’s white party dress is widely acclaimed as one of the best outfits of the show. The simple, tight silhouette, her floral headband, and chunky white kitten heels are all exquisite, and the way they pop against her tan is stunning. Her decision to accessorize with a pearl bracelet and sleek white clutch top off the look. I had trouble focusing on the utter train wreck that was the white party, because of her bomb ass outfit.

8. When she upstaged the art at the Musee d’Orsay

This summer dress that Blair wore at the Musee d’Orsay is one of my favorite outfits that she has ever worn. The silhouette keeps this look in line with her signature style, but the glittery embellishments and delicate, cascading ruffles add a little something extra. The combination of floral, jewls, accessories, and famous art? That is Blair in her element.

9. The iconic outfit from the “I love you” scene

This is one of my favorite outfits ever, worn during one of my favorite scenes. There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s get started. The metallic dress and headband? So extra, so stunning. The extra-as-fuck dress collar? Incredible. The beautiful, flared coat in a bold green? One of her best looks, ever. And the bright yellow heels are so perfect, so Blair. I don’t know what made me happier: Chuck finally getting his head out of his ass and telling Blair how he felt, or this audacious look.

10. When Blair did summer in the city right

This look is amazing. The collared, a line dress offers a simple, flattering silhouette, while the bold metallic pattern adds a stunning twist. Ever the fashionable duo, Blair ties her outfit to Chuck’s with a few nautical touches: her heels and bag. At first glance, they don’t match her dress, but some of Blair’s best fashion moments arise from her eclectic mix of patterns, styles, textures, and silhouettes. This is one of the most salient examples of her style-mixing genius.

11. When Blair stunned in houndstooth

Blair looks like a classy business woman in this long, button front pencil skirt and houndstooth blouse. Her fresh face and loose curls stop this outfit from looking too clean cut or mature. I can just picture the effect she would have on the people on the streets of NYC below. If I saw someone wearing this, I would know that they were someone powerful.

12. When she paired a blouse and skirt like no other

If I could pick a single look that best encapsulates Blair’s everyday style, it would be this one. In my mind, she became iconic for her ability to mix a patterned top with a miniskirt and tights, curl her hair, and look chicer than everyone else in the room. The skirt’s silhouette, the color scheme, the bow at the collar, and the hairstyle are all iconic Blair. She looks grown up, fantastic, and ready to fucking get things done.

13. When she mixed patterns in the most genius way

This floral spring outfit showcases Blair’s utter prowess when it comes to mixing patterns in a bold yet stylish way. She starts the outfit with a floral dress, which is one of her go-to articles of clothing throughout the show. She dials it up to 100, though, adding this shamrock coat on top. It works, and I don’t understand how or why. The silhouette of this outfit is so nice, and the pop of yellow from her bag pushes it over the edge. This is so fucking good.

14. This gorgeous green and yellow situation

Another typical Blair outfit, another stunning look. She pairs a simple base of black tights with some neon yellow shoes and a matching handbag (did you know that she never once repeated a bag during the show’s six seasons?), and slides her arms through this gorgeous, sleeveless coat. Her decision to top the look off with a beautiful black and white spotted scarf is a very good one. She looks chic, cute, and so, so stylish. This is how you do winter in New York.

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