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Harry Styles Claims Halloween as His Own During ‘Harryween’

For two nights only, Harry Styles put on sold-out Halloween shows at Madison Square Garden. Fans came to the concert dressed in their best costumes and the looks they created were beyond incredible! Accompanied by Madison Cunningham and Orville Peck, Harry and his fellow performers gave fans two nights to remember! Here’s how they went…

harryween night one: October 30

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Harry Styles took everyone’s breath away when he came on stage dressed in a stunning custom Gucci Dorothy costume, coupled with his band dressed as the other iconic Wizard of Oz characters. With Toto in a basket, an abundance of blush, and a bow, Harry could not have looked more adorable. For those of us in the pit, the day started around 3:00 in the morning, during which we were all sat outside with ponchos and umbrellas to get a good spot for the show. Despite the huge gusts of wind and freezing-cold rain, hundreds of fans were lined up, myself included. Come 9:00 am, I earned myself a wristband numbered #209. Fast forward to the show, the energy was high, anticipation was creating an effervescent buzz in the arena, and fans in the pit were chatting about what Harry could possibly dress as tonight. When Harry came on stage, the screams were absolutely deafening — and rightfully so, he looked incredible! Since I was in the fifth row, I took the opportunity during ‘’She’’ to create a sign on my phone for harry to read. It said, “you look so pretty!” The moment Harry started reading my phone I knew it was game over for me. It took him about 7 seconds to read it, but once he did he started grinning, blushing, and smiled at me! If you’re wondering, I did in fact collapse. Ever since this night, my heart has been beyond full — I’m beyond happy that I was able to make him smile! Towards the end of the night, Harry sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow in accordance with his outfit, and it was such a beautiful moment. The Madison Square Garden ceiling was lit up with a beautiful rainbow, and it was such a touching moment that drew tears from fans all over the stadium (myself included).

Watch this video from 2:22 through 2:30 to see Harry smiling at me!

Harryween Night two: october 31

The circus is in town! Harry and his band dressed as clowns for tonight’s show, with Harry specifically dressed in a white-ruffly Gucci costume that sported the moon and stars on his chest. I might be reaching here, but I thought that design was a super clever and cute nod towards Canyon Moon. Harry recognized the golf dad from the earlier shows at Madison Square Garden, and his shirt was still tucked in! The stadium erupted in cheers for the golf dad and his tucked-in shirt. Truly a living legend. The show proceeded as usual, until one incredible moment when he sang his unreleased song Medicine. Throughout the night, fans kept chanting, ‘’Medicine, Medicine, Medicine,’’ and you can only imagine how wild the crowd went when he teased the first two guitar strings of the song. All I’m saying is that after that crowd reaction, Medicine better be on his next album! Harry then cleverly transitioned to Toxic by Britney Spears, to which people also lost their minds! I went to his MSG shows during Live on Tour, and I’ve been waiting for him to sing Toxic ever since. He really went all out for this show, and I genuinely could not have imagined a better night — it was pure insanity. Finishing off the show, he restarted Kiwi three times because he wanted the crowd to be as loud as possible, saying that ‘’this is called edging.’’ The stadium erupted in laughter and cheers, moments before Harry delivered one of the most high-energy performances of Kiwi I’ve seen so far. As always, the ground, the seats, the whole stadium was shaking. What an incredible end to his five sold-out Madison Square Garden concert run!

Everyone, please wish me luck as I attempt to secure LaneOne tickets for his Long Island show on November 28. I am genuinely afraid. 

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