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Goodbye to our EIC’s!

This week’s Campus Celebrities are Tali and Rachel, HerCampus Barnard’s outgoing Editors in Chief! 


Post grad plans?

I’ll be starting work as an NBC Page on June 1!

Favorite HC Memory?

So many! I would have to say either our campus-cutie valentines day mixer – it was the first organized event we had on campus and it was an exciting moment for us. Also (because I can’t neglect this plug) when we gained GBB approval this past week! It took a lot of work but was so worth it and we’re so excited to see how our new CCs utilize our vamped on-campus status next year!

What you’ll miss most about Barnard?

Having endless amounts of time to sit around and do nothing with friends, Diana sushi Mondays, sitting on the steps in the spring, and wearing leggings/sweats as pants.


Post Grad Plans?

Technically, I’m still “funemployed,” but I’m going to be working in the film and entertainment industry and I’ll be staying in NYC! I’m also going backpacking (well, more like small suitcase-ing) around Europe for a month right after Graduation. I’m excited to have the chance to travel and visit countries I’ve never been to, before settling down and having to become a real person.Favorite HC Memory?

I’m really proud of what Tali and I have accomplished this year. Our chapter has grown exponentially and we have our amazing staff to thank for that. I’m really proud of our HeForShe Columbia campaign. Photographing the different guys was fun and then all the buzz about it on campus was really exciting. Also, getting to hear Elizabeth Nyamayaro (the head of the initiative) speak about the HeForShe campaign at Columbia was a really great moment as well. Most fun HC memory? Definitely our Campus Cutie Valentines Day Party—Tali and I spent a couple hours making special spin the bottles—really proud momentWhat you’ll miss most about Barnard? I’ll miss all of my friends of course! I’m so happy I transferred to Barnard—it’s been the best three years and I wish I had more time here. I’ll miss lunches in the Diana Center every day. I’ll miss the Steps. I’ll miss Rob King lectures. I’ll miss Mels burgers. I’ll miss taking naps in the middle of the day—you can’t do that when you have a real person job. I will not miss my twin bed. I’ll miss all my friends who are leaving NYC and I’ll miss Her Campus!