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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Gabrielle is a writer for Rookie Magazine, a popular online publication for teenage girls. An English major at Barnard, she has also written for other publications and blogs including Buzzfeed and the Columbia Spectator.

Name: Gabrielle Noone

School & Year: BC ‘16 

Which writers inspire you most?

Everything my best friend Hazel Cills writes makes me want to be a better writer. Same goes for my friends Arabelle Sicardi and Lola Pellegrino. I’m lucky to know such inspiring people!

Has the New York City landscape, and more specifically Barnard, influenced your writing?

Being in New York and at Barnard has forced me to stay on my toes because everyone is so smart and cool! It makes me want to always do a better job, so I’m a lot more careful and critical of my writing than I used to be, but in a good way. It’s inspiring to be around people who are so creative and proactive all the time.

You’ve balanced a lot in your three years at Barnard, having written for Spec, Buzzfeed, and Rookie. Where do you think your writing will take you next?

Ideally I want to write a book and eventually write for television. Writing for Rookie has made me think a lot about how so much of the media made for teenage girls is not that great, so I just want to make stuff that young women and girls find funny and comforting. If all else fails, I have lofty dreams of becoming a licensed nail tech and becoming a trusted celebrity manicurist.

What is your favorite DIY activity that you’ve written about?

One time I made a DIY Céline bag, which is to say a totebag with Celine Dion ironed onto it. This is probably my life’s greatest achievement.

Favorite blogs to follow?

Powderdoom is my favorite beauty blog to follow. I’m also obsessed with the the Tumblr Saved By The Bell Hooks that puts bell hooks quotes over screencaps from Saved By The Bell.