Fresh(wo)man Perspective

We ask one of our favorite freshmen, Asiya Jaffer BC'20, for some of her perspective on Barnard, Columbia and life in Morningside Heights!


What did you think of the NSOP experience?

I think by the end of NSOP, every new student had become repulsed by the thought of another icebreaker, but even more in love with Barnard. OL group meetings and mandatory lectures could get exhausting, but just being surrounded by strong, intelligent women was so fulfilling and comforting in and of itself. I think all of us truly appreciated being able to combine the Barnard NSOP experience with Columbia College’s because we got to meet a whole new set of people!


What’s the perfect ~fall 1st week of school in outfits?

Unfortunately “fall” is feeling more like “summer” this year, so Barnumbians’ outfits are tending to cater towards warmer weather. Dresses and sneakers are a major (and convenient) trend, especially when running from one class to another in a mere 15 minutes. Another trending item this year are Birkenstocks: you can dress them up or down and wear them with just about anything (and their comfort is just a plus!) 


What are some trendy cafes around MoHi that are freshman musts!?

Even us freshmen know that Sweetgreen, DigInn, and the Hungarian Pastry Shop are must haves at this point. But what about a quiet little spot to study, get your caffeine fix (and perhaps get an artsy instagram picture)? Joe the Art of Coffee is the place for you! Located at 120th and Broadway, this café often has a long line of students waiting for that small cup of happiness. But I assure you, it’s worth the wait!