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Five Things That are Guaranteed to Distract You When Studying for Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of finals season. A wave of final assignments hit us like an ocean wave when we aren’t ready. If we aren’t careful, we can end up drowning in this sea of finals. One of the greatest obstacles that comes with studying for finals is trying to stay focused, but sometimes… it’s just feels too easy to distract yourself. There are so many things to do that are not studying. Do what you would like with this list. You can either keep all these in mind and avoid them at all costs… OR you can embrace these distractions! I guess it depends on how soon that final is… 

Watching these “2 Large Tortoises Eating Grass On A Farm” 

Oh to be a large tortoise eating grass on a farm! They seem so serene and peaceful, I honestly envy their tranquility. They seem so content with the simple things in life. They just crawl around and munch to their heart’s content. 

Netflix (or Hulu, or Amazon Prime, or Disney+, or… )

The list goes on. Honestly there’s a huge range of things to distract you on every single one of these platforms, from documentaries to TV series to live action movies to biographies to animated movies to musicals, to basically anything you can think of! This is definitely one of the more time consuming methods on this list, so beware. I do not recommend this method to the person who has a final due in five hours.

Enjoying “Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde – Royals)”

This is yet again another four minute video that you will not regret letting distract you from whatever you need to do. Along with it being really entertaining, it’s very nice to see the way the cattle come to hear the farmer play his trombone. In the beginning, he sits there alone, and by the end of the video, he has a crowd of adoring fans listening to him.

A Nap

This strategy is guaranteed to take your mind off of work. A nap usually ranges from thirty minutes to five hours (anything less would be considered a power nap, and anything more would be considered sleep). They are so nice, especially when you feel so overwhelmed by work. Be careful though, because a 30 minute nap can become three hours with the click of the snooze button.

Dance Party

This is honestly a great way to turn any anxious energy into dance energy! You can shake off some stress before beginning to work again. Just choose a favorite fun song or two, crank up the volume to very high, and dance it out (sing it out if that helps you too!).

I hope finals go well for you all, happy studying (and not studying!).

Izabella Lizarazo

Columbia Barnard '24

Izabella is a freshman at Barnard College, often found listening and/or singing along to show tunes or Latin jazz. She's a fan of journaling, organizing, and writing. She is almost always available to go out and talk over a bubble tea or ice cream with friends. Although she is undecided on what her college major will be, Izabella is interested in history, politics, literature, and Spanish and Latin American cultures.