Ellie Beckman: Bringing Christmas to Columbia

Name: Ellie Beckman
Year: 2016
School: CC
Major: Women's and Gender Studies
Hometown: LA
Hot Chocolate, Egg Nog, or Cider?
I was once mocked by the staff at Brad's for ordering a hot chocolate, or what they referred to as "a little kid's drink," so I'm nervous to admit that I choose hot chocolate for fear of more retaliation, but that is my choice.
Must have holiday decoration:
A star on top of the tree
How long have you been doing XMAS!?
I was an actor in XMAS!8 two years ago so I've been in the XMAS! family for a while now.  This year as director of XMAS!10, the Creative Team and I started working around the beginning of July.  That was when we came up with the plot and started writing a few scenes and songs.  Then we cast the show in the first week of the semester, and we've been fine-tuning the show ever since.  It's been an interesting challenge trying to channel the holiday season for half of the year, but it's been a really rewarding experience overall and I can't wait to share it with the campus on MONDAY DECEMBER 14TH AT 7PM AND 10PM BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE OR AT THE TIC.
You're the director of O Christmas, Where Art Thou, Are you excited/nervous for the upcoming production? 
I'm really just excited.  Everyone involved with the show has been working so hard and putting their best foot forward, and I know by the time we open that any small kinks that I'm worried about now will have been worked out.  
Do you have any holiday traditions in the NYC or at home?
Usually I just go home to LA for the holidays and enjoy a mild, 70 degree, sunny Christmas.
Favorite Christmas movie or play? 
It's a tie between "Olive the Other Reindeer" and that weird Christmas special that airs every year after Rudolph about the elf who wants to be a dentist.
Best Christmas memory?
When I was 6 I got a book in which all the Disney princess stories were accompanied by pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley dressed up as the princesses.  No one has ever topped this gift.
What are you wishing for this Christmas? 
A trampoline. 

*Trampoline with caution*