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The winter, especially in the Midwest, can feel like it drags on forever. Short days, cloudy skies, and miserable weather doesn’t make for a very fun experience. Add in virtual classes during a pandemic, and you almost never leave the house! I’ve found other ways to keep myself active and get some fresh air, but I still missed seeing the flowers and green grass of the summer months. One of my friends gifted me a little potted plant towards the beginning of the pandemic, and I love having it on my desk, for multiple reasons. 

The first reason why I love having a desk plant is that it gives me a sense of tranquility. Since I row, I usually get to spend a lot of time outdoors, and I found a lot of peace through my time on the water. However, since the pandemic began, we haven’t been able to practice (additionally, it’s winter, which means we wouldn’t be on the water right now anyway). So, I’ve been getting my fix of outdoor scenery by keeping my little desk plant in good shape! 

Secondly, I find my desk plant provides me with a sense of routine. I always start my work sessions by watering my plant and lighting my candle. These small, but beneficial, habits put me in a productive mindset and help set the tone for the day. Whenever I need to rest my eyes or want to look at something other than a screen, I find myself glancing over at my plant before continuing my work. 

The third reason why I like having a desk plant is so simple — it’s just so cute! I have mine in a little white pot. The combination of the white pot and green leaves trailing down the leg of my desk really brightens up my study space and offers a small glimpse into what spring and summer will one day be again. 

Lastly, I like having a desk plant simply because it reminds me of my friends. I received my plant from one of them, and the friend group has tons of fun memories outdoors. I’m thinking about having them all sign the pot when they get back into town, so I have something to remember them by, but we’ll see! 

Desk plants in the winter, at least for me, have been such a fun, little experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing how my plant continues to grow. I hope this encourages you to try out your own green thumb and consider getting a desk plant yourself!

Katie Ryan

Columbia Barnard '24

Katie is an incoming first year at Columbia College. She's a coxswain for the men's heavyweight crew team and spends her free time working out, volunteering, and reading. Katie is planning to double major in English & Comparative Literature and Human Rights, specializing in Economics.
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