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As tank top season comes to an end and everyone slowly realizes whose golden glows are real and who has been trying to pass off with spray tans, we turn to the only redeeming quality of autumn in the city: cuddling season.


The most opportune time to be reminded of how desperately single I and likely many of my readers are at this time. But have no fear, my fellow forever alone friends, because we can surely have a very merry cuddling season by ourselves as well! If you haven’t already picked up your fuzzy socks and blankets, now is the time. While you’re ordering that on Amazon be sure to order yourself your very own boyfriend pillow. Believe me, they’re much more loyal than any other man around here. To my taken readers, I wish you some very exciting Netflix & Chill sessions. And to my forever alone friends, don’t worry — Netflix just brought back Titanic and A Cinderella Story.

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