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I remember when I got my first crystal, a black obsidian, which represents protection against negative energy. It was given to me by my aunt during my junior year of high school and I wore it every day after that. I did not really think too much about what it meant, but I liked the idea that I was protected. When I was stressed, overwhelmed, or just sad, I would rub and twiddle with my black obsidian necklace. It always brought me a sense of comfort. 

When COVID hit, as you can imagine, I needed a lot of comfort. I delved rather deeply into manifestation, affirmations, and journaling, and with this, my interest in crystals intensified. Fast forward to October 2021, I now own five other crystals: rose quartz, clear quartz, yellow agate, tiger’s eye, and moldavite. When I choose which one I want to wear every day, it isn’t based on whether or not it matches my outfit –– I tune deeply into how I’m feeling and which crystal I feel more drawn to. This also goes for when I purchased each crystal. I took note of how my body felt when I held the crystals and whether or not they had properties I felt I needed in my life, or properties in myself I wanted to strengthen.

Rose quartz symbolizes love. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love, it can also mean platonic or self-love. For me, I use rose quartz more so for the latter. Whenever I’m in a funk or just not feeling myself, I wear rose quartz to give myself a boost of encouragement, like a little hug to myself. Clear quartz symbolizes clarity and manifestation. I typically wear clear quartz when I’m trying to make a tough decision, when I’m taking an exam, or when I’m feeling really hopeful about something. My yellow agate and tiger’s eye bracelet is something I wear constantly, as it brings protection (tiger’s eye), confidence, and security (yellow agate). Personally, confidence is something I value very dearly, and having the bracelet on me makes me feel safe and at my most secure.

Finally, moldavite. Many people hear this crystal’s name and are instantly fearful. It is known as an extremely powerful stone that brings major changes to one’s life. It comes from a meteorite, making it an unearthly crystal, which is why it is so powerful. People say when they first wear it, they lose a lot of things and people in their lives, but then they are given new and amazing things to replace what was no longer serving them. When I first got moldavite and wore it, I felt anxious, fearful, and worrisome, so I took it off. When I put it on again, my boyfriend and I got into a lot of fights. So, I took it off again, brought it home, threw it deep in my closet, and did not think of it again. This was back in December 2020. Personally, I don’t think I was spiritually or mentally ready to have such a strong presence on my body. When I started wearing moldavite again in July 2021, the anxious and fearful feeling did not appear. I used to wear it only occasionally, but now it has become one of the necklaces I wear daily. I use it to enhance my other crystals and consider it one that brings me my own security. When I’m nervous or stressed, I rub and twiddle my moldavite to bring myself comfort. 

It’s definitely okay to wear crystals for leisure and fun, but it can also be useful to look into the properties of the crystals. See which ones call to you and how each of them feels when they come into contact with your skin. Find out which stone connects with you!

Krystal McCook

Columbia Barnard '24

Hi guys! I'm a sophomore at Barnard College majoring in Neuroscience and Behaviour on the premedical track. My hobbies include dancing, gaming, weightlifting, and going on walks.