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College Fashion Week Recap

College Fashion Week was last week, and it couldn’t have been more fun! I tell you this because, in case you missed it, turn out next year! We had an amazing number of Barnard girls present, both in the audience and in the show, and it rocked. We got free swag, saw amazing performances, and had a ton of fall outfit inspiration. If that doesn’t convince you to start preparing for next year, hopefully these highlights will:

A ton of models were Barnard/Columbia girls, and they killed it on the runway. Plus they got their hair, makeup, nails, and eyebrows done for free. Michaela Fisher and Sasha Sklyarenko are pictured below being unbelievably fierce:

There were performances by ONYX Hip-Hop Dance Troupe, Columbia SHARP, and several other music groups. The show was amazing female-centric, but SHARP was a much-needed dose of testosterone (read: those boys were fiiiine and they can sing, I was lovin’ the crew.) 

There was soooo much free swag. I ate free Luna Bars on free Luna Bars, got a complimentary Bare Minerals foundation, and coupons for European Wax, among other things. If you come for nothing else, come for the swag… Here are our lovely Editors-in-Chief, Rachel Bernstein and Tali Weisner, after getting their hair done by TRESemme!

And last but not least: THE CLOTHES! The fashions featured at the show was incredible, made even better by the fact that they were modeled by college women just like us. All of the clothes were from Boohoo (which I promptly went home and ordered from immediately after the show) and had different themes: Imperial (think Royals by Lorde), Brooklyn Princess (hipster chic) and – my personal favorite – the Woodlanders (classic, cozy fall clothes with an outdoorsy vibe.)


If you made it out, thanks for coming and I hope you loved it as much as I did… If you missed it, we can’t wait to see you next year!


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Sofia Lyons

Columbia Barnard

I'm a first year student at Barnard and aspiring fashion journalist, hoping to bring my fellow collegiettes some style tips & info about upcoming trends! I also love singing/songwriting, dancing, event planning, community service, eating good food, and exploring NYC.
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