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Celia Cooper, ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Name: Celia Cooper

Year: Class of 2014 (super, super senior) – I transferred

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Celeb guy crush: Sean Penn

Celeb girl crush: Penelope Cruz

Dream travel destination: Australia!

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? My grandpa used to be the United States ambassador to Jamaica!

Dream job: Well a dream job would be a detective, like on Law and Order: SVU, but I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher.

Movie you will never get sick of: Pineapple Express

Describe yourself in one adjective: Free-spirited.

Three random facts about yourself: I’m ALWAYS late, I can fall asleep anytime/anywhere and I’m a total youtube troll…

Biggest turn on: Sense of humor

Biggest turn off: Cockiness

Deal breaker: If my 9 year-old brother doesn’t like you, it’s not happening.

Summer plans: I have a one-way ticket to visit my best friend in Dublin. The rest is TBD…

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Alexandra Shapiro

Columbia Barnard

Alexandra is a Senior at Barnard majoring in American Studies. While she isn't planning the week's pitches for Her Campus Barnard, she can be found checking her horoscope, listening to college acapella videos, decorating her room with Paris-themed accessories, or trying to imitate Charlotte from Sex and the City. She also loves self-improvement, Indian food, the Kennedys, traveling, and laughing at her brother and sister's jokes. She is spending this semester interning in MTV's Marketing department.