Campus Style: Kat Afif, BC '21

Guess who's back with another edition of "Campus Style"?! Before we hunker down for finals, it feels only right to keep the inspiration and motivation flowing by spotlighting some of our stylish peers. This week, we're chatting with Kat Afif, Barnard College '21, a native New Yorker with a penchant for thrifting and an ever-evolving personal style.


First thing's first! Tell us a little about yourself in general.

I'm from Manhattan-- like 30 minutes away from campus. I'm not sure what I'll major in, though I'm interested in economics and poli sci, and maybe a double-major as well. In terms of fashion, I've been thrifting since ninth grade and love the process of digging for great pieces.

How would you describe your personal style?

It changes all the time. Typically when I got thrifting, I go for whatever I like and stands out to me-- which ranges from gothic to '90s to super-bright '80s colors. My style also changes by season. Right now I'm in an early-2000s phase.

Describe a typical dressing situation for you. What goes through your head when you're putting an outfit together?

I usually think about my outfit the night before. I start with a bottom, and find whatever matches from there. I have a lot of unique pants that I like to coordinate with. Same goes for shoes. I have an 8:40 this semester, so getting ready is also about time!

How has college changed your style?

College has definitely made me more lazy. I tried really hard with my outfits in high school. Now that I don't worry about commuting to school (perks of a small campus!), I can get away with getting up right before class. Plus I have less time in general to spend on planning outfits.

What are your go-to or favorite items in your closet?

A purple windbreaker I thrifted in 10th grade. It's super '80s with a flower-y design. I wear it with mom jeans and Nikes, usually a plain shirt because it's super vibrant.  

Where do you get style inspiration? Do you have any "icons"?

I definitely look to my friends, other people I see. I also like finding pieces I like and experimenting with them. I also look to Instagram and YouTube hauls.

Alright, time to spill: where do you shop?

I love Salvation Army because it's so cheap. There's one 20 blocks away. I also like L Train Vintage, on the L subway line. Beacon's Closet is good for more expensive stuff, or for when I'm looking for a specific piece.

Last question! What is your advice to someone looking to develop their style?

Go thrifting! It's so environmentally friendly-- fast fashion creates so much waste. Also be patient-- take time to find what you like.


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