Campus Cutie: Swing Your Way into Rishi Tandon's and Chris Choi's Hearts

Learn about Rishi Tandon and Chris Choi, two of Columbia's finest bachelors. 




Chris Choi, some call me Hyun Woo

Rishi Tandon



Chris: Seoul, Korea

Rishi: West Bengal, India



Chris: Sociology

Rishi: IEOR (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research)


Schools and Year:

Chris: Columbia College, 2017

Rishi: SEAS, 2017



Chris: Columbia Men’s Squash team and fraternity member

Rishi: Columbia Men’s Squash team


First impression you two had of one another:

Chris: He was wearing a pink American Eagle shirt, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Rishi: I though he was really soft because of his Winnie the Poo backpack.


Funniest memory together:

Chris: We were at an away match at F&M and, after having dinner, both wanted a milkshake. So, we decided to go to Burger King. When we went there, the store was closed, but the drive-thru was open. Because we wanted shakes so badly, we decided to walk through the drive-thru. When we were waiting for our turn, a car pulled up behind us, and these two ladies asked us what we were doing. We told them we just wanted some milkshakes, so they started laughing and told us to get in. We hesitated for a while, but decided to risk it for the shakes. When we got in, they told us how they were coming back from a bar. They were playing pool against these men and, since they won, they made the men take their shirts off. They were also talking about how they have to pick up their children the next morning. After telling their stories, they bought us milkshakes and wished us luck.

Rishi: Never trust Choi when he is intoxicated. Last semester, he forced me to throw my phone at him and promised to catch it right outside of Mel’s. I obviously refused to do so. However, he wouldn’t leave and said, "If we are friends and you trust me, throw your phone." I threw my phone and he just watched it fall and started running to Cannons.


Favorite place to hang out together in campus:

Chris: Cannons. We told each other we are going to buy Cannons for our future children and serve Halal near closing time.

Rishi: Mill Korean restaurant.


Most annoying thing about living together:

Chris: When Rishi consistently checks himself out in front of the mirror and asks me if his outfit is good or not.

Rishi: Choi keeps snapchatting and mystorying everything I do. I guess this is what being a celebrity feels like.


Best prank you have pulled on one another:

Chris: When he left his Facebook open, I messed around with his status saying he’s leaving the school and going back home to India. Somehow, our coach found out and texted him asking what’s going on. I haven't messed with his facebook ever since. 

Rishi: To get back at him for messing with my Facebook, I messed with his and said that he is having a son. People back at his high school actually believed it and people were messaging him saying he’s going to be a great father and let them know if he needs anything. 


Tells us one thing the world doesn’t know about your roommate:

Chris: Rishi is a true "Belieber."

Rishi: Choi sleeps with a massive, pink elephant (stuffed toy). When I asked him why, he said, "Look at how cute it is!”


What makes you two best friends?

Chris: Rishi looks up to me.  

Rishi: Choi is an animal. Someone has to tame him.


Anything else you would like your fans to know:

Chris: Follow me on Instagram @cchoi21. I will follow you back and even like your pictures. Also, I know our team plays off campus at StreetSquash (located at 116th and Lenox Avenue), but hopefully, we get more fans to come see us play next year!

Rishi: Choi took the words out of my mouth.