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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, food and glitter enthusiast Kayla! 

Name: Kayla Farrell

School, Year:  Barnard College, 2016

Major: I double majored in Delta Gamma and Environmental Science.

Campus Activities:

Trying to convince friends to come downtown with me to eat Artichoke Pizza. And procrastinating.

Plans for next year:

No matter where my friends and I end up after graduation, I plan on forcing everyone to come to NYC for Homecoming next year so we can pretend one last time that we are college kids.

Describe yourself in less then ten words:

I like to put glitter on everything.

Things/Places/People you will miss the most:

I will miss my gen chem lab instructor, catcalls, the CU Marching Band, and Spec articles about Greek Life. (**read heavy sarcasm**)

Favorite Columbia/Barnard tradition:

Midnight Breakfast! If I came for pancakes, but DSpar is handing out waffles, you better believe I’m leaving with a waffle too.

What were your favorite courses?

I took a class on bird watching. It was a lot more interesting then it sounds, I promise!  We took field trips to forests and, now, I can identify any bird from its call, a very valuable skill in the real world. It was a real hoot.

Favorite place on campus:

It used to be under Maggie the Magnolia tree when she was in bloom (RIP Maggie), but now it’s probably Milano.

Describe your first Cannons experience:

I may or may not have showed up in heels and a bodycon dress, had my first DFMO, and stayed with my friends until last call. If I did, I may have worn this…


Three things every student should add to their Columbia bucket list:

1.     When Nick Jonas Instagrams “come to Midtown at 10:00 PM,” don’t ask questions. Just go. 

2.     Once you learn to ditch the heels, give Cannons another chance. You might just find love in a hopeless place.

3.     Hook up in the stacks! It may be too late for me, but you still have a chance!

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Stay on top of your emails. It’s the only way you won’t miss out on all the free food opportunities!

Any last words before you graduate?

Thank you to every person (friend, professor, sweaty stranger that pushed me at Cannons) that has helped make the last four years so amazing.

**Disclaimer: This article is a personal piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of Her Campus Media.

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