Campus Celebrity: Temi Coker

Name: Temi Coker


Year: Sophomore


School: Columbia College


Major: Economics, minor in Sustainable Development


Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria


Lipstick, mascara, or blush? 

Definitely mascara! Your eyes are the first thing people notice about your makeup, so mascara is definitely up there in my favorites


When did you first become interested in makeup? Why?

I became interested in makeup because my mum's a diva and always glammed up. So, I started watching her do her makeup. Then, she taught me how to do eyeliner for the first time when I was about 13 or 14, so it just took off from there. I started watching YouTube tutorials, following makeup artists on Instagram building up my makeup collection, and practicing a lot! 


How long have you been doing makeup for other people? When did you decide to expand it to a business at Columbia?

I've been doing makeup for other people since the first semester of my sophomore year. My friends would ask me to do their makeup and then someone gave me the idea to start charging people for it. My friend Sosa and I then decided to make it a business and began taking bookings. We didn't think it would get as popular as it did, but business really took off once we were featured on The Tab. We mostly get bookings around sorority/fraternity formals and crush parties. Around formal season at the end of last semester, we were swamped with bookings. Some people even booked weeks in advance!


In your opinion, what is the most important feature to accentuate?

Eyes, eyes, eyes! In my opinion, there's nothing more important than getting your eye makeup right. I spend the most time on the eyes when I do makeup for myself and others. It's the first thing people notice. Plus, the eyes are so versatile; you can do a dramatic smoky eye, soft golden/sparkly glam, or even just neutral colors. Who doesn't love looking through eye shadow palettes and experimenting with different colors and pigments?!


What's one makeup item you never leave the house without? 

Powder. For those girls out there with oily skin, you know what I mean! My nose always gets oily, especially during the summer, so I always have powder on me to freshen up my look.


What is the easiest trick or item a girl can use that will automatically upgrade her look? 

Bronzer/highlighter. Applying bronzer or highlighter to your cheekbones automatically gives your face a nice, warm glow. Plus, when the light hits your face, it shines and you just look amazing - it really catches the eye.


Do you have a favorite makeup brand?

I don't have a favorite makeup brand because I feel like each brand is good at different things. For instance, Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is amazinggggg for eyebrow, Bobbi Brown highlighting powder is to die for, Tarte clay paint liner is probably the best eyeliner I've ever used and LA Girl Pro-conceal concealer is perfect for highlighting the face! As you can probably tell, I live in Sephora.


What is a makeup must have? Something all girls should invest in? 

Setting powder and setting spray! When you apply concealer to highlight your face, it tends to make your skin a bit oilier because concealer is so much thicker than foundation.  So, applying setting powder on the areas you've applied concealer to (a technique called baking) creates a nice matte look that you can start your day with. Plus, spraying setting spray on your face after you've done your makeup helps it to last ALL DAY and I do mean ALL DAY (and night too!). I would recommend Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray or Makeup Forever Mist and Fix.

Check out some of Temi's work below!