Campus Celebrity: Simi Olagundoye Gives Us the Bacchstage Pass

Name: Simi Olagundoye

Year: 2018

Major: Urban Studies 

School: Barnard College 

Hometown: Lagos Nigeria 

Dream Bacchanal artist: Defs a tie between my Champagne Papi, Drake and her royal majesty Beyoncé. Or it’d be cool if Michael Jackson would resurrect 

Nightmare Bacchanal artist: Iggy Azalea. I don't need to say more than this.

What is your role on the Bacchanal Committee?

I'm the secretary.

Why did you decide to join the Bacchanal Committee?

I randomly heard about it from a friend at the beginning of my first year and I was really into the idea of being able to be a part of a community of music lovers and help plan the most lit event at Columbia. 

When did you start prepping for Bacchanal 2016?

We started prepping right for Bach 2016 right after Bach 2015.

What other artists were you looking at? How do you decide on the performer?

We looked at anyone you think we might have looked at. We decided Rae Sremmurd were the perfect headliner due to their recognisable bangers and incredible stage presence. Few can turn up quite like they do.

What are your thoughts on how public safety handled the tickets situation/crowd situation?

It certainly hasn’t been ideal but the e-board worked super super hard to get to our current set up so shout out to them! 

How will you be celebrating Bacchanal?

Making sure the even runs smooth with the rest of the E-board :)