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Campus Celebrity: Meet the Editors

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

There’s no better way to start of the new school year than by introducing our first Her Campus Celebrities: our very own section editors!  These are the women with the ideas, the grammar super powers, and of course, the killer writing skills.  Check ’em out, and get a taste of the future of Her Campus!

Leora Herman

Her Campus Position: Events Section Editor & PR/Social Media Director

School: GS/JTS

Year: 2017

How/why did you get involved in HC? I’m really interested in fashion and journalism and I thought Her Campus would be a fun way to combine both.

What did you do this summer? I was an accessories intern at Harper’s Bazaar and then I went to Bethany Beach, Delaware for vacation with the fam.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year? I’m excited to see how my role plays out as the first Events Section Editor and PR/Social Media Director for Her Campus Barnard! I’m also excited to start taking more classes for my majors.

Favorite thing about CU/BC? There are so many interesting people to meet in all four undergraduate schools and I love how we can be integrated into the same classes and extra-curricular activities.

What else are you involved in on campus? I’m also the Social Media Manager for Hillel’s new mental health awareness group, Nefesh, as well as for Columbia University Dance Marathon, the Backstage Manager for my sorority’s annual fashion show, Runway Warriors, which raises awareness and support for victims of domestic violence, a member of Shalhevet, Columbia’s Israeli Dance Troupe, and an artist in JTS’s Artist-In-Residence Program.

What/who is your favorite Instagram profile? Dogs of Instagram because…dogs :)

Favorite photo shoot location on campus and in New York City? College Walk (with the gates in the background) is by far the best place for photo shoots on campus. It looks beautiful in every season. I’m also a fan of natural lighting, so Central Park is the ideal location for that.

What, to you, makes a successful social media account? A successful social media account attracts followers by creating and maintaining a unique image and most importantly, being short, sweet, and to the point!

What post should every BC/CU freshman add to his/her Instagram? Everyone has different taste, but I think we can all agree that our campus is absolutely gorgeous! Take advantage of its photogenic-ness as soon as you can.

Favorite spot in New York? The Botanical Gardens in the Bronx

If you were to throw a party, name three people you would have on your guest list. No restrictions. My two dogs, Charlie and Sylvia, and Beyonce

What makes an event worth going to? An event is worth going to if you know you’re going to get a valuable or memorable experience out of it.

Favorite event you’ve ever attended and why? The Her Conference, the Her Campus national conference, this past summer! All of the speakers and panelists featured at the conference were highly successful women in the media industry, an area of fashion in which I hope to work after I graduate.

Coachella, Sasquatch, or Tomorrowland? Coachella.

Danielle Truglio

Her Campus Position: Blog Section Editor

School: GS/JTS

Year: 2017

How/why did you get involved in HC? I’ve always really enjoyed writing and wanted to find an outlet on campus where I could pursue my passion. When I started writing for Her Campus last semester, I felt that I really had the freedom to express myself and write about my interests. I am so grateful for this opportunity and couldn’t be more excited to see all the incredible things that this year’s HC editors will bring to the table.

What did you do this summer? This summer, I worked as an Editorial Intern for The Points Guy, a travel site that specializes in maximizing points and miles. I love beginning school, but I’m sad to see the internship go.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year? Now that I’m a junior (still weird to say) I feel like I’m really immersed in all aspects of my college experience — my majors, extracurriculars, friendships, etc.  I’m excited to continue growing and to revel in the boundless field of opportunities that is our campus.

Favorite thing about CU/BC? Wow, tough one. I think my favorite thing about CU/BC is Low Steps.  You can really get a sense of what’s going on around campus by just sitting on the steps. When it’s cold out, the steps are vacant and somber. When it’s warm out, everyone and their mom can be found on the steps. I love it!

What else are you involved in on campus? I write for Spec and am VP Scholarship for Sigma Delta Tau. I also intern during the semester.

Favorite spot in New York? This changes all the time, but I think my current favorite spot would be Pier A in Battery Park. You will forget you’re in NYC.

Must haves for the upcoming school year to survive through many long nights in the library and/or at Cannons/Mel’s/ The Heights? For the long nights in the library, always have water or coffee on hand. Oh and some snacks—it may be the only thing to get you through those all-nighters. As for Cannons, ladies, bring a towel in your bag.

Favorite blog and why? I really love the Huffington Post. I know I can count on them for real, wholesome pieces. I also think they do an excellent job of giving young bloggers an opportunity to get their work published and let their voice be heard.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Facebook hands down! I’m probably on it more than I should be, but I simply don’t know what I would do without it. It’s definitely the best way of keeping myself up to date.

What sets your blog posts apart from others? As I said before, I love to write and thoroughly enjoy being able to create my own articles from start to finish. I particularly enjoy writing about my own real life experiences. I feel that there is nothing more comforting than knowing you are not alone, so that’s what I’d like to do for others.

Alicia Schleifman

Her Campus Position: Style/Snapshot Section Editor

School: CC

Year: 2018

How/why did you get involved in HC? I loved keeping up with the content on the site all last year, and when I saw a call for submissions on Facebook in May, I knew I had to get involved behind the scenes too!

What did you do this summer? I studied art history in Venice through a Columbia study abroad program.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year? I’m excited to continue exploring New York and take more specialized seminars.

Favorite thing about CU/BC? I’ve met the most amazing people here – professors, classmates, and friends.

What else are you involved in on campus? I work with the Roosevelt Institute, the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review and Hoot Magazine. I’m also involved with Greek life.

Favorite spot in New York? The Metropolitan Museum.

Describe your style in three words? Cosmopolitan, deliberate, festive.

Who/what is your biggest fashion inspiration? Natalie Portman is certainly one of them.

Must have fall 2015 accessory? Black stacked-heel boots.

If you could go to one New York fashion week show, what would it be? Rodarte.

Do you have a favorite fashion blogger? Perhaps Kelly Framel of The Glamourai – her site is beautifully curated, and I really appreciate her sense of style.

What’s your favorite item in your closet and why? A backless green hammered silk dress I chanced upon in a tiny shop in Paris a long time ago. It’s a beautiful piece that I’ve used (and will continue to use) for years, and it’s associated with many good memories.

Amy Zimmerman

Her Campus Position: Features Section Editor

School: CC

Year: Senior

How/why did you get involved in HC? I like writing and I like girls (more specifically, female-centric journalism).

What did you do this summer? Wrote for the Daily Beast, rewatched Gossip Girl, tried (and failed) to see Drake at Up & Down.

What are you excited about for the upcoming year? Finally finishing my science requirement.

What’s an interesting fact about you? I was born with an extra bone in my thumb—it was heart-shaped!

Favorite thing about CU/BC? The jumbo-sized Kit Kats in the basement vending machine of Kent.

What else are you involved in on campus? SVR and DG.

If you were to have one last meal in New York, where would it be and what would you order? Gray’s Papaya — two hot dogs and one coconut champagne.

What neighborhood in New York would you choose to live in after you graduate and why? Chinatown — cheap, good food, and I feel like you could take a pretty guilt-free cab home from Brooklyn at night.

What female journalists inspire your writing? Melissa Harris-Perry is definitely a badass because she’s smart, unapologetic, and right. Generally, I admire the work that websites like Auto straddle and everyday feminism do to cover stories that might get brushed over by bigger media outlets.

Where do you go in the city to relax and unwind? Forever 21.

Last but not least, we have our very own Campus Celebrity Editor herself…Lily Morris!

Lily Morris

Her Campus Position: Campus Celebrity Section Editor

School: BC

Year: 2016

Hometown: Seattle, Washington.

What were you up to this summer? I actually traveled a bit.  I was studying abroad in Australia until the end of July, so I was able to visit a few places around Australia as well as island hop in Indonesia and French Polynesia.

What inspired you to become Campus Celebrity editor? Kim Kardashian obviouslyyyyy. No, actually it was Kylie Jenner.

In your words, what makes a Campus Celebrity? I think Campus Celebrities have to have earnest goals. Campus celebrities, in my opinion, are driven by their dreams, not material things. I think they are inspired by change and growth and in turn are inspiring.

What else are you involved with on campus? I’m apart of Kappa Alpha Theta, but I also coach the club swim team at Columbia. Actually two of the girls I used to coach are now at Barnard and Columbia! I feel like a proud momma.

Some things you’ll never be caught without:  My favorite ring, my bracelets, and my “M” necklace. This is because I never take them off. I would say my cell phone, but there was an incident…so I am without a cellphone and I refuse to get a new one right before the 6s comes out!

Favorite hashtag: #mood, but I also really love ##.

Favorite college memory so far: One morning I woke up an hour early for practice, I used to be on CUWSD, and just sat on Low with a Starbucks and just sat peacefully watching as the sun came up over the empty campus (well, it was somewhat empty. I mean is anywhere in New York ever empty for long?). Our school is definitely not hard on the eyes.

Favorite Morningside Heights eeeeeats? Jin Ramen does a really good ramen.

M&M’s, Skittles, or other: Pretzel M&M’s.

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