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Campus Celebrity: Chelsea Miller, Inspiring Women Everywhere to Believe

Name: Chelsea Miller

Year: 2018

School: Columbia University

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

What did you do for spring break?

I actually stayed on campus. I used the time to explore the city and just enjoy the nice weather!

Tell Her Campus about WEBelieve?

WEBelieve is the embodiment of black girl magic. WEBelieve, stands for Women Everywhere Believe, inspired by the vision of a day when all women will believe in their power to change the world. Often times, when we think of ways to combat social and racial injustice, we forget to focus on the needs of a critical yet overlooked segment of marginalized groups– girls and women of color. So our mission is to equip young women and girls with the tools they need to positively change their lives, and the lives of those around them. Created by young women of color, it is strategic, innovative, and truly groundbreaking.

Why did you decide to start this organization?

Growing up in a crime-ridden area in Brooklyn, I was exposed to the harsh realities of the world at a very young age. I had to mature pretty quickly. Yet, through all the hardship, I was uplifted by the women in my life who believed in me even before I believed in myself. One of the most important figures in my life has always been my mother. Her courage to come from Jamaica to America to make a better life for my siblings and me is the reason I am here today. She proved to me that anything is possible.  As I got older, I realized many girls didn't have that type of guidance to help with all of the challenges we face living in a world where the odds are hardly in our favor. So, when I was sixteen, I designed and implemented a youth empowerment summer camp for girls in my area. And today, that has developed into WEBelieve!

What are some initiatives you've been working on?

This past January, we launched the Dare to Dream Program. Within the program, the girls are taught the importance of self-expression through the arts and are given positive mindset coaching. The last component of our program introduces our girls to the STEM field; they learn the science of ethnic hair and then create their own natural hair-care products! The program culminates with a talent show, in which friends, family, and the community are invited to witness the growth and sisterhood fostered in the Dare to Dream Program. We've also launched our social media campaign! Our Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/webelieve.nyc/ and our website is http://webelieve.nyc. Check us out and volunteer!

What are you planning for in the future?

Our next plan, which I am very excited to announce, is a national leadership network for collegiate women of color! This network will provide a space for not only community building, but also professional growth.  We've been in discussion with many organizations and companies who are interested in bringing the network to life, so we are excited to get it up and running! 

What's your ultimate goal for the organization?

When I picture WEBelieve, I see it as a globally renowned organization that is committed to meeting the needs of the communities we serve. I want our impact and service to be so meaningful, that we truly make a difference in the world by creating spaces of healing, love, strength, and above all sisterhood. 

Where do you hope to see it in the next couple of years?

Since our launch, the feedback and support have been amazing. WEBelieve is rapidly finding its space and audience -- and I am so happy to see that! So, these next couple of years, I want to keep the momentum going by continuing to expand the Dare to Dream Program and solidify our Collegiate Network. Also, I want to keep spreading awareness about the work we're doing while building a strong base of partners and sponsors.

Take a look at some of pics from WEBelieves programs below! 

If you're interested in learning more about WEBelieve, visit their facebook here or their website here

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