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Best Secret Date Spots in NYC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

How many screw-ups does it take to finally have the perfect date night? This is something we all contemplate while planning dates, but these five secret NYC date spots will do everything but disappoint you. So be rest assured that your next date might just be a reservation away from the (wo)man of your dreams; it could lead you to your perfect fairy tale.

1. Mellow Pages Library and Reading Room

603 Bushwick Ave

Want something very low key? Want to just get to know your partner? Get away from the hustle of Manhattan? Think no more beyond this cute, artsy space in Brooklyn. All you have to do is bring a couple of old books to donate and just have a great “get-to-know-each-other” session.

2. Mulberry Project

149 Mulberry Street

This one is a staple on every single one of New York’s best date spots list. This intimate gastro pub in Little Italy is known for their personalized drinks for the table. So what better than your own special drink to remember a good date by?

 3. Hangawi

12E 32nd Street

One of the newest and coolest vegan joints in the city, with a Far Eastern atmosphere that is calming and ideal for those of you who have pre-date jitters. Make sure your feet are pedicured, because you have to take your shoes off before entering. 

 4. Hudson Clearwater

447 Hudson Street

Looking for a place with the perfect lighting to make your face glow during the day? This is the place! An NYC favorite with a spacious outdoor garden space – this is ideal for your next Saturday brunch date!

5. Raouls

180 Prince Street

Throwback to the 1970 Parisian life and some seriously great French food to indulge in! This is the classic date bistro, with a cozy atmosphere and warm service – perfect to make your date feel comfortable and lead up to some intimate conversation over a bottle of great French wine!

Hope your next date night is as perfect and warm as you are!