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For most of us, midterms are over, Fall Break is upon us, and it’s time to kick back (or have a kickback) with great music. Below are a few of our favorites.

1.     “Angels (feat. Saba)” – Chance the Rapper

“Angels” has it all: a gospel hook, kettle drums, and killer verses that never let us forget that while Kanye might be the king of Chicago, Chance is most definitely the prince. While the song definitely vibes more like a summer jam, it’s a great tune for cruising down the highway in your mom’s minivan on your weekend trip home or just chilling out in your dorm room not thinking about that paper you have to write next week.

2.     “Flesh Without Blood” – Grimes

Ladies and gentlemen, Grimes is back in the building (took her long enough!) “Go” had us all foaming at the mouth for more, and boy did Grimes deliver. While definitely a blow out pop song, and a definite deviation from her previous work, we still get Grimes’ signature electronic minimalism, all while over a pop-hook catchy enough for all the Katy Perry fans out there to love it.

3.     “Sorry" – Justin Bieber

There is no denying that this is about to be one of the biggest songs of 2015. Between Drake and Bieber, Canada seems to have the music industry on lock, and, honestly, we’re not complaining. “Sorry” is sugary pop at its finest, but you’d be lying if you said you haven’t watched the dance video for the song at least three times already. Want to hear it without saying you actually listen to Justin Bieber? Watch fellow Ivy Leaguers attempting their best “Sorry” dance moves on the Ivy League Snapchat story.


Drake, imma let you finish, but Erykah Badu has one of the best remixes to your song…ever. This 7:25 minute-long version of the latest overdone meme song slays, in all the right ways. Besides changing up the iconic line “you used to call me on my cell phone,” Ms. Badu adds in her own hilarious interlude that puts the haters and bottom feeders in their place.

5.     “Hello” – Adele

If anyone doesn’t have this song on his or her current favorite playlists, unfollow them on Instagram and stop snapping them ASAP. After four very long and difficult years without her, Soulful Queen Adele has finally returned, and boy is she back. While “Hello” seems reminiscent of the breakup vibe from album “21,” Adele isn’t wallowing anymore. “Hello” has its share of sad lines, but, in the end, it’s Adele realizing that she and her former lover are truly on the other side of their relationship.  To all you shower singers out there, this song is for you.

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