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Award Season’s Fashion Stars

The bold red carpet is rolled out under Hollywood’s sparkling sun as the fans, press, and 
photographers gather together in anticipation. There is a hum of excitement. A famous 
actress begins to walk down the carpet. Her gown radiates with every step she takes. The 
cameras flash in wonderful exhilaration…
Awards season has begun. 
Awards season is always a fantastic time of the year. It is a time when the talented 
stars of television and film gather together under one glamorous roof to celebrate their 
and their peers’ accomplishments. Whether it is the Golden Globes, the SAG’s, or 
the upcoming Academy Awards, there is always joy and remembrance during each 
ceremony. There is gaiety and thrill. And before the show even begins, there is a wide 
array of breathtaking fashions that mesmerize us viewers at home. 
The fashions of award season are always remarkable. Whether they are embellished or 
simple, sparkling or sleek, one of the best parts of each award show is the red carpet. 
It is loads of fun to see famous celebrities dress up in dazzling designer creations that 
showcase glorious modern designers and reflect on the uplifting, fresh designs the 
fashion world has to offer. With couture gowns, risky designs, shining Louboutin 
heels, and magnificent jewels, it is impossible not to be enamored by the red carpet’s 
gravitational pull. You can’t help but look at the fashions on each celebrity. Every 
award season, however, there are a few stars that stand out more than the others. There 
is something more to these fashion stars and their red carpet looks. They wear gorgeous 
creations that are brilliant on them. Their hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes only add to 
the strength of their look. When they walk on the carpet during award season, they carry 
something extra with them, a definable, powerful beauty that makes them unique and 
So far this award season, there are three fashion stars that stand out to me more than the 
others. Here they are below:
Jennifer Lawrence
No one can doubt just how amazing Jennifer Lawrence really is. She is an incredibly 
talented actress, a hysterically funny woman, and a genuinely real person. Every time 
she acts, has interviews, or walks down the red carpet, she is her charismatic, funny 
self, and you can’t help but love her for it. In every outfit she wears on the red carpet, 
her inner and outer beauty and spirit shines through. So far this award season, Jennifer 
Lawrence has stunned viewers on the red carpet in beautiful, Dior designs. Her white, 
strapless Golden Globes gown with black striped bands was simple, yet distinctly fierce. 
Her SAG’s gown was especially stunning. This glistening form-fitted, edgy creation of 
rainbow sparkles showed Jennifer Lawrence’s contagious personality. Bursts of energetic 
vivacity glistened with each step she took. With her rocking short hair cut, Jennifer 
Lawrence has been looking fantastic on the red carpet so far this award season. 
Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o is a brand new face in Hollywood with acting abilities that have been 
greatly praised—she has a SAG award and Critics’ Choice award to prove it! Not only 
a highly praised actress, but also Lupita Nyong’o has turned out to be one of the biggest 
fashion stars on the red carpet so far this award season. She has been rocking stunning, 
sleek designs that are wonderfully modern. In her red, caped Ralph Lauren gown at the 
Golden Globes, Lupita showed the world who she was. Her fluid Ralph Lauren gown 
basked in its modernity and the cape gave bravery to an overall breathtaking look. And 
Lupita only continued to show the world the actress and fashion star she is at the SAG 
Awards when she wore a stunning turquoise Gucci gown. The dress looked absolutely 
fantastic on Lupita Nyong’o and the ornamented, flowered detailings on the upper half of 
the dress were beautiful. I cannot wait to see her success continue to rise in the industry! 
Cate Blanchett 
One of the best actresses in the world today, Cate Blanchett is a stunning, talented 
woman with a beauty and power that is undeniable. Her brilliant acting abilities shine and 
make themselves known in each film she is in. On the red carpet, her talent, elegance, 
and strength continue to shine. So far this award season, Cate Blanchett has been looking 
absolutely incredible. The gowns she has worn so far are so striking in both their detailed 
intricacies and spectacular simplicities. At the Golden Globes, Cate Blanchett wore a 
black, lace Armani Privé gown that was just exquisite. With its capped sleeves and high 
necklines, the creation was exceptional. Blanchett dazzled. Further proving her red carpet 
power, at this year’s SAG awards Cate Blanchett wore a lovely, light pink Givenchy 
gown. With blush hues and glittering accents and draping’s, this gown was radiating on 
Blanchett. With her fabulous acting in the film Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett is sure to 
continue to be a winner this award season!
I am so excited to see what these talented three woman and the other incredible actors 
and actresses are going to be wearing in a few weeks at the Oscars!
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Meredith Coleman

Columbia Barnard

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