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photo of corn field
photo of corn field
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8 Things to Be Thankful for at Barnumbia

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

As Thanksgiving approaches and we all yearn to escape school, let’s take just a moment to reflect on some of the many things about Barnumbia that we should be thankful for.

The dining halls

You can’t deny it — Barnumbia has some pretty fantastic dining halls. From Diana’s fruit smoothies to John Jay’s grain bowls, we are extremely fortunate to have access to such a wide variety of food. Many colleges are unable to boast four separate dining halls with at least one operating at any point of the day. Not to mention the special accommodations including vegan and kosher options.

The campus focus on well-being

In addition to the Furman Counseling Center and campus-run initiatives like “Feel Well, Do Well @Barnard,” there are so many student-led organizations on the Barnard and Columbia campuses aiming to address mental health and well-being. Take WinkMe, for example, a Barnard club that focuses on building self-esteem while eliminating negative thoughts.

The amazing staff members

We should all acknowledge how incredibly hardworking the staff members at this university are. From the sweet custodians who clean the bathrooms and clear the trash to the kind attendants who swipe IDs at the dining halls, we are so lucky. So many of the staff members have huge hearts and always remain cheery while on the job! 

The architecture

Whether you are looking at Butler Library’s neoclassical, imposing structure, or Milstein’s modern, glassy design, Barnumbia’s campus consists of so many exquisite examples of architecture. It is no wonder that people from around the world come to take pictures of the renowned buildings and structures. 

The location in NYC 

Likely a draw for many of us, the campus’ central location on the Upper West Side of New York City places students in the center of internships, excursions, and opportunities. A short subway ride away from campus and we are able to tour museums and watch Broadway shows with student-discounted tickets. Not to mention what an incredibly dynamic and exciting place New York is for a college student!

Resources. Resources. Resources. 

Barnumbia truly strives to extend resources to each and every one of their students. From Beyond Barnard’s career-building guidance, to Columbia’s extensive connections with successful alumni, and access to archives and research opportunities, students have the ability to gain exposure to many disciplines before they even enter into the “real world.”

Facebook groups and meme pages

Let’s be real. This campus has harbored some of the most humorous Facebook Groups you’ve probably ever been a part of. Take, for example, columbia buy sell memes, Overheard @ Barnard, and Columbia Crushes 2.0. You are sure to be entertained while scrolling through these pages in the library in lieu of studying. 

Constant activities

There is ALWAYS something happening on the Barnumbia campus. From student performances to crafts to fundraisers to sporting events, there is an activity for everyone. Involving yourself in campuswide events is truly the best way to introduce and immerse yourself in the student body. The best part is, so many of these events are low-cost or free!

As you feast on turkey and pumpkin pie this Thursday, remember to be grateful for your place in Barnumbia’s wonderful community. Please reflect on the people and things that contribute to making your college experience enjoyable. 

Claire Lempert

Columbia Barnard '23

is a sophomore at Barnard studying economics, psychology, and English. She loves exploring NYC, running, writing, and creating dioramas.