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The 6 Most “Instagrammable” Spots on Campus

Barnard and Columbia both have undeniably beautiful campuses. I mean, compared to some other colleges, I’d say that there are a ton of “Insta-worthy” and picturesque spots on this campus. If you need a new, fresh place to take some photos, here’s a list of my favorite places that I’ve found so far!

In front of Butler

Let’s be honest: Butler is probably one of Columbia’s most “Instagrammed” buildings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some nice photos of or in front of it! If I can’t convince you that this is a good photo spot, then maybe these cute puppies can. (Also, can we talk about that golden hour lighting? … Like wow).

West Walk

My roommates and I decided to go for a walk around campus and we stumbled upon this spot behind Low, near Dodge and Uris. It’s a super pretty place to get those ~fall vibes~ pictures given all of the trees and greenery in the background (nature is a rarity in NYC… I’ll take as much of it as I can get). 

In front of Low

Another popular spot on campus. You can often find so many people on the steps just sitting, relaxing, eating, and chatting, but you can also get some super nice pictures here! I mean, look at how cute these two are! Golden hour picture goals, am I right?

Milstein’s terraces

Milstein… an infamous study spot and an incredibly underrated, “Insta-worthy” photo location, especially at the right time of day. Why not take a study break, enjoy some fresh air, and get those cute pictures all at once? Look at how stunning my roommate is here! You and your friends could get a gorgeous picture like this too. 

(P.S. I did in fact take this picture. Please hire me for all of your Instagram needs. I take my pay in the form of Insomnia Cookies, thanks.)

Outside of John Jay

John Jay may be known for having some really good (or really bad, not sure how you feel about it) food inside, but on the outside, it’s not a bad spot to get some pictures. When you walk out of John Jay, there is this little area with some benches and a ton of greenery. Here’s a picture my friend took of me that I just posted on Instagram last week. I mean, did we cause a little bit of a scene trying to get these pictures outside of John Jay for 15 minutes? Yes. Were there tons of people walking by during this? Yes. But at least the pictures were worth it!

With Alma!

An iconic location, with an iconic statue, for an iconic Instagram shot. Also, don’t have any friends to take pictures with? That’s fine! Alma’s got your back, you can take one with her! I bet it’d be super cute, like the one of Alma and this dog.

So whether you’re alone or with friends, there are some pretty nice spots on campus to get those “Insta-worthy” shots. Get out and explore! And if you find any other spots you think are “Instagrammable,” please let me know! I’m always trying to improve my Insta-game.

Sansara Mahtani

Columbia Barnard '22

Sansara is a junior at Barnard College majoring in Psychology. Instagram: @sansaramahtani.
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