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6 Best Drinks to Keep You Warm and Cozy this Winter

With fall coming to an end and winter arriving, we have been desperately trying to find different strategies to keep ourselves warm in this freezing weather. For many of us, including myself, it is our first time experiencing such low temperatures. Let’s be real, New York winter can be brutal. However, the perfect and simplest solution has been here all along: hot beverages. These tasty drinks will not only keep us warm (both our bellies and our hands), but they will also lift our spirits and even guarantee an excuse to gather with our friends and family for an evening. With no further ado, here are the essential drinks to try this frosty season.

Hot Chocolate

The classic that never goes out of style. Hot chocolate never fails to bring us to seventh heaven with its sweet flavor(even if it’s not Christmas). 

JasMine or ginger tea (or any tea to be honest)

If you are in a rush or are not in the cooking mood, tea is your best option. There are not many ingredients involved; all you need is the tea bag, sugar (or honey), hot water, and lemon (if you desire). The steps can be easily followed by even the worst cooks in the world. You can never go wrong with a smoking cup of tea, especially while enduring these freezing temperatures!

Pumpkin spice latte

It’s winter, but it’s hard to leave fall behind when it’s such a lovely season. With this drink, you can travel back in time at least for a few minutes. 

Hot apple cider

The sweet flavor of apple and cinnamon is unbeatable. No wonder why it’s an all-time favorite. Despite its popularity, apple cider can take a while to prepare and it may not be the best option if you’re in a rush or just lazy. Luckily, you can buy apple cider from any store and if you feel like it’s not up to your standards, you can add a few spices like cinnamon and cloves to make it taste better. Here, we like to keep it simple. 


Can this list exist  without eggnog on it? Well, no, actually. For lovers of sweet drinks (and milk), this is the ideal drink. Traditional homemade eggnog includes ingredients such as milk, eggs, and vanilla, and if you are of a legal drinking age, you can even add some alcohol in it! 


While an excessive amount of coffee can be a little bit dangerous (especially because of how addictive it can be), a cup once in a while can never go wrong. You can catch a cup of coffee before class/work or if you are about to pull an all-nighter and urgently need a way to actually stay awake. 

I assure you, these drinks won’t fail to bring comfort to both your home and your heart. Above all, they will succeed in keeping you warm as you endure these very low temperatures. Now, it’s time to grab your mug and get ready for a warm and tasty experience! 

Alison Hog

Columbia Barnard '25

Alison is a Peruvian freshman at Barnard College who intends to major in Political Science. You can usually find her binging Netflix shows, watching rom-com movies, or obsessing over Taylor Swift.
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