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5 Ways to Have a Fun (& Safe) Halloween in 2020

It’s time to get spooky! The season of scares is upon us, and we have hauntings, horrors, and all things pumpkin to look forward to. Halloween 2020 is going to look very different from every other Halloween we’ve experienced, but you can still have a great holiday without risking the spread of COVID-19. Here are a few tips to celebrate while following CDC guidelines and staying safe!

Get into the spooky spirit, solo!

It might be hard to feel the thrill of the season without your friends in close proximity, but take advantage of the chance to lean in on your own. Maybe you’re going to school from your bedroom, or maybe a single-occupant dorm. Either way, you probably have a space to study — and to decorate! Candles and mini pumpkins are perfect for a subtle scary vibe. Spend your time listening to spooky tunes to evoke the Halloween spirit and crack open a Gothic novel or two to really get into the haunted headspace.

Dress up even if you aren’t going out!

Costumes are one of the most fun aspects of Halloween. In the weeks leading up to October 31, incorporate eerie looks into your everyday outfit routine. Black clothes and eyeliner have the ability to project a Halloween vibe even through Zoom. As for the actual day, don’t let a lack of parties curb your costume! Organize a video call costume conference with friends and assign titles to everyone’s looks. Depending on how you fare, you could come away with a treat or a trick!

Stay connected with friends!

Even if your friends are spread out across the country, there are still ways to celebrate together. Bake and decorate pumpkin cookies with your friends over FaceTime. Make each other spooky playlists and mail Gothic-style letters for an added sense of drama. If you have friends nearby, organize an outdoor, distanced picnic with BYO Halloween treats.

Have a scary movie night or two!

Either solo or with friends via a Watch Party plug-in, watching a horror movie is the perfect way to ring in the Halloween season. There are plenty of excellent options on a myriad of streaming platforms. Go all out with popcorn, candy, and spooky lights if you can. Invite your family or roommates and get ready to get your socks scared off!

Treat yourself (and maybe pull off a few tricks too)!

This Halloween is going to be different from celebrations of the past, which is all the more reason to pull out all the stops. As tough as this year has been, try to give yourself the best Halloween you can! That means candy, costumes, decorations, and maybe even some lighthearted Halloween trickery. 

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your October 31 in quarantine. Happy Halloween, all!

Clarissa Melendez

Columbia Barnard '24

Clarissa Melendez is a freshman at Barnard College, where she studies Art History. She loves books and movies and spends her time in Austin, Texas making collages and driving her 2003 Toyota 4Runner to the video store.
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