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5 Great Morningside Heights Eats

I. Love. Food. 

I really do. I always say the way to my heart is food. If an “I want to go out on a date” isn’t accompanied by a box of chocolates or a piping hot sandwich from Milanos, the answer will probably be a hard “no”. When a friend asks me out to eat, trust me I love the company, but the food is really all I need (joking… kind of). I do the pre-dinner menu search hours before my reservation; I think I need a new interest. So, that being said, I hope you all take my food recommendations very seriously, because if I know one thing, it’s good food. 

Let’s start by establishing this, we are Columbia students, our home is the greatest city in the world. I mean, who else can say that they walk three blocks down to get authentic Thai food at 2 am and then walk another four blocks back to pick up a famous slice of Mamas Too Pizza on 104th street? Right, not that many people. I am a transfer from NYU and I worried that the cuisine in Morningside Heights might not be as eclectic and diverse as my go-tos on Sullivan street and 6th ave. Turns out, it’s true, there isn’t as much variety, but there are some hidden gems that I must tell you about. 

Mama’s too

Want some incredible Sicilian pizza? Good, me too. Let’s go down 104th street to Mama’s Too pizza, some of the best pizza I have ever had the pleasure of devouring. Did you ever think pears on pizza would be good? No? Ok, well Mamas Too just proved you oh-so-wrong. Do yourself a favor, take a trip down there; you’ll be greeted by a picture of Robert De Niro biting into Mama’s home slice and an overwhelming smell of delicious pizza. After all, if it’s good enough for the Godfather it’s good enough for us undergrads.


Let’s shift the conversation away from pizza for a second, as hard as that is for me, and let’s focus on a healthier (ugh) alternative: Dig. Now, I feel like some people are aware of Dig, but more people should know about the magic of this place. I find it hard to suggest Dig because I rather not deal with a longer wait during lunch hours, but, what can I say, I am here for the people. This place is basically a more flavorful and healthier Chipotle. The chicken (thigh and breast) is unbelievable and the lemon, olive oil brown rice accompanied with chunky sea salt is just WOW. There is salmon, chicken, tofu, brussel sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, and much more! I rest my case, just go and try it out for yourself. And, if you don’t like it, well, I have nothing to say to you. 


Ok, so imagine this. You are walking the streets of NYC and you suddenly get this overwhelming craving for pasta. You’re not necessarily willing to subway down to Greenwich Village to buy a $48 bowl of pasta from Olio e Piú, but you really need a good plate of pasta to take the edge off of your extremely stressful day after finishing an econ exam. Well, I am so glad you found this article because I have the perfect recommendation for you. Fumo Upper West Side is the place for you. On Sundays they have 12 dollar pasta specials and, let me tell you, it never disappoints. You can get Rigatoni, baked ziti, spaghetti vongole, and about 15 other options. The atmosphere is chic and overall has a great vibe; I would definitely recommend it. 

Faculty House

Last but not least, Faculty House. Now, this recommendation might come as a surprise, but trust me on this one. If you are looking for a good lunch with an even better view, Faculty House is the place for you. Faculty House has a few staples that they rarely change up, but I don’t mind because they are delish! Salmon, chicken sticks, beans, veggies, and more all waiting to be devoured. Keep in mind, hours at faculty house are limited (11:30am-2pm). So, grab a couple of friends and head to Faculty House; you won’t be disappointed. 

I have gotten a lot of recommendations from my friends about the best places to eat off-campus, so I plan on following up with another article that has in-depth descriptions and ratings for each restaurant I go to. If you have any suggestions, reach out to me so I can try them out! 

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