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2016 Summer Agenda

Looking to spice up your summer plans? Already sick of banker happy hours and over-Instagrammed rooftops?

Check out our summer agenda for some fresh ideas and cool events to impress your co-workers with.

Shakespeare in the Park

For the failed English majors among us, Shakespeare in the Park promises a manageable amount of high literature—plus, it’s free. This year’s all-female production of Taming of the Shrew is a sure bet for all your pretentious friends—you go to Barnumbia, we know you have those. 

The Greek Jewish Festival

Who knew that there was a whole festival dedicated to kosher Greek food? And on Broome Street, no less. 

Free Women’s Self-Defense Class

Head to the Traditional Okinawa Karate of Brooklyn this May for a free lesson in kicking ass. No experience necessary, but registering in advance is strongly encouraged!

Rooftop Cinema Club

Nothing says “this Tinder date is going really well” like a rooftop movie. Located on the terrace of midtown’s Yotel, this series runs from May through September, and features such romance-inducing flicks as Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, and Roman Holiday.

Museum Mile

Summer is the perfect time to make your parents proud by actually going to all of those museums that you promised to go to! On June 14, swanky Fifth Avenue museums open their doors for free, rain or shine. Go get your culture on!

Erykah Badu Live At Coney Island

Motown Goddess, Nathan’s Famous, just a Subway ride away…need I say more?


Keep it funky queer n’ fun at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, home of NYC’s annual Pride Rally

Tame Impala in Prospect Park

If you’re like me, this June event has been surfacing on your Facebook timeline for the past six months. That has to be a sign, right?

Governor’s Ball

Otherwise known as “not the same thing as Electric Daisy”, Gov Ball is a whole music festival right on Randalls Island. Plus, the lineup this year looks pretty lit (shouts out all my fellow Killers stans).

New York City Pizza Festival

More than 200 different kinds of pizza, plus music and booze for those of us of age. 

Drake Summer Sixteen Tour

Let’s not kid ourselves…I’ll see you at MSG on August 4th. 

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