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20 Questions with J. Dean

Name: Jonathan DeanAge: 20Major: Econ-Poliitical Science and SociologyHometown: Annapolis, MD

1. What is your spirit animalIdk something probably crazy and sporadic, like a flying squirrel2. What do you do around campus?I’m in Sigma Phi Epsilon, Uptown Vocal, and a proud member of the Butler 209 club.3. What’s your love life like?I’m winning—dating the most beautiful person I know.4. What is your ideal date?Eating dinner on the moon.5. What would be your last meal?West Side mozzarella sticks.6. What is your fondest childhood memory?When I found out I was related to Rihanna.7.  Qualities you look for in a girl?She must be smarter than me, kind to small animals, and loyal to her best friends/family.8. Biggest pet peeve?Shaking the orange juice9. Biggest turn off?Complacency10. Favorite movie?Any Rachel McAdams romantic drama.11. Where can we see you in ten years?In Paris with my girlfriend.12. Favorite campus spot?SigEp House13. Favorite place in Manhattan?The Jane Hotel14. Something people don’t know about you?I’m low key religious.15. Describe yourself in three words?Compassionate, Outgoing, FOMO16. Nickname?Barbara17. What do you do for fun?Spend time with my friends, sing a cappella, and plan future vacations.18. Favorite song to sing in the showerWrecking Ball19. Do you have any special talents?I am really good at convincing unresponsive people to rally.20. If you could be a celebrity for a day who would you be?John Legend, he’s one smooth dude.

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