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10 Must-Check Websites for Collegiates

Find yourself checking Facebook every morning? As fascinating as your cousin’s friend’s new baby is, there are definitely better uses of your time. Check out these websites for a smarter start to your day.
Check out Buzzfeed News (and subscribe to their email list) to get the news in a concise, clear way every morning. Then take a break to figure out which “Marvel” character you are based on your zodiac sign.
Use your .edu email address to read The Washington Post for free! Get your news without clutter or distractions. 
Feeling that mid semester slump? Visit the TED website and watch a video about scientific discovery, the inspiration behind indecision, or flying robots to get you going. Remember: one day, you could be up there on that stage. #BoldBeautifulBarnard
Create an Amazon Student account to get Prime free for 6 months (free two day shipping) and 50% off the rest of the time you’re a student. 
Music (8tracks or Spotify)
Get a jumpstart on your day by tackling the two things college students dread the most: working out and studying. Put on a pump up playlist to workout or study (even if that means 10 jumping jacks and one chapter of your seminar reading).
Have a paper due in 8 minutes but no bibliography? Citethisforme will do it in less than a minute. 
Google Scholar
Use Google Scholar to get alerts on new research papers in your area of study, and find already published papers. This is the Holy Grail for research paper writers. 
Columbia Spectator
Real talk—Spec keeps up with national current events as well as relevant campus issues. Subscribe to the Spectator’s Spectrum Wake-up newsletter and get a quick recap of the most important on and off campus events.
Everything BUT Facebook
Get rid of Facebook for the day with this amazing chrome extension. Your entire newsfeed with be replaced with an inspiring quote. 
And Finally…


Because there’s no better way to start your day than with a HerCampus article :) Like our slogan says…College is hard. We make it easier. 
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