The 10 Most Iconic Moments from NYFW

New York Fashion Week seems to expand more and more every year, defying what it means to be a fashion show and even a fashion brand. Whether it's combining kitsch, accessories, pop culture, and Judaism in Susan Alexandra’s show, or creating a classic, old New York club with Ralph Lauren, this NYFW felt more like a busy week of parties and shops than a week of fashion shows. In no particular order, here are the 10 most iconic moments that redefined NYFW.

  1. 1. Collina Strada

    Not only did the clothes inspire you to let out your inner youth, but there were literally children everywhere. The most fashionable and creative children you’ve ever seen, but children nonetheless. The show took place outdoors, which made the setting as effortless, playful, and chic as the clothing.

  2. 2. Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren did everything iconic about New York City, but with Janelle Monae as the headliner of “Ralph’s Club,” this show was nothing close to overdone or stale. Their NYFW show perfected the balance between preppy and current.

  3. 3. Mansur Gavriel

    For some reason, 2019 loves fruit as an aesthetic. I’m not mad at that, and neither is Mansur Gavriel, whose NYFW presentation felt more like a fruit stand and less like a high fashion show — because they just can’t be that fun, right? Complete with matching gingham uniforms for employees, Mansur Gavriel felt like an escape from the opinion that NYFW shows must be serious and glamorous rather than playful.

  4. 4. Susan Alexandra

    Not only did this feel more like a party than a NYFW show, it felt more like a bat mitzvah. Truly, never have I been more excited to see how the combination of Barbra Streisand photos, accessories, balloons, and Jewish foods could be combined. Not only did it make you feel like a teenage girl again, but it made you feel like being a teenage girl was the best thing in the world.

  5. 5. The Break

    Calling this show #BreakNYFW was no mistake. This show broke every preconceived notion about what a NYFW show should be. The looks went from waking up in the morning, to work, to a cocktail hour, to a date, to your commute home. The iconic final look replicated a group of New Yorkers waiting on the platform for their subway during their morning commute, a nod to everything that makes you find beauty in the mundanity of Manhattan.

  6. 6. Tory Burch

    An iconic brand showcased a collection that pays homage to the most iconic members of the fashion canon. I’m personally obsessed with the fact that they named a bag and platform shoe (the most 2019 of shoes) after Lee Radziwill, and seemed to be single handedly bringing back the 1980s.

  7. 7. The Row

    Bow down to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Their minimalist style is the most chic collection you have ever seen, but does not sacrifice innovation or unique materials. New York uniform 2019!

  8. 8. Mother

    This pop-up brings the highlights of LA mysticism to New York City. This is enough to make a West Coast native homesick, but with tarot readings, informed use of crystals, and a fun laid back environment, this limited engagement pop-up literally mellows you out.

  9. 9. Gelareh Mizrahi

    Walking by this pop-up, you might just see a bodega. Though they are classic New York, bodegas are not usually the first thing you associate with Fashion Week. Gelareh Mizrahi put that to the test. Luxurious handbags were juxtaposed with artifacts of color-coordinated popular culture such as Lizzo and RuPaul’s most famous magazine covers. But Mizrahi didn’t let you forget this pop-up was still inside a completely functioning bodega. Buy a snakeskin or lime green mini-bag and a pack of gum or an energy drink at the same time. After talking to the sales associate dressed in the hyper cool Gelareh Mizrahi branded t-shirt, I found out they signed a one-year lease with their “friends” at the bodega who still work behind the counter, so this technicolor dream doesn’t have to fade with the end of fashion week.

  10. 10. Proenza Schouler

    Classic Proenza without turning its back on innovation, PS gave us glam and '80s metallics to match.

That's your recap!