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10 More Times Gossip Girl Characters Slayed Me With Their Looks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Not to be dramatic, but Gossip Girl changed my life. Stumbling upon it in my early adolescence, I was instantly captivated by its cast of young sophisticates and their exploits in the most glamorous city in the world. I was intoxicated by the deliciously raunchy, ever-complicated relationships, the easy-to-fall-for characters, and the storyline that always hovered on the brink of ridiculous, yet was still always believable. Though the show has merit in its own right, its main standout has always been the fashion, which has long garnered huge attention (young extra seventh grade me had a pinterest board dedicated to Blair and Serena’s outfits, and this is the second installment in my series of articles on Gossip Girl fashion). The show has timeless merit, because even after we outgrow the storylines and characters, its aesthetic retains the power to delight, inspire, and captivate. Let’s get into some more of my favorite outfits from throughout the show’s five year run.

1. When Blair looked absolutely radiant during summer in the city

I am certain I have never, ever looked this put together, least of all during the summer in New York City. Blair blends her preppy aesthetic (which she was inexplicably able to make cool?) with a more laid-back, grown-up feel in this beautiful bow-front dress. Not to mention this hairstyle, which is to die for. This is the period in which Blair begins to transition from uniformed schoolgirl to woman with her own sense of fashion. She’s tan. She’s toned. She’s wearing a pearl headband. In short, she’s killing the game. Not even the fact that she’s about to walk in on her ex boyfriend hooking up with her current boyfriend’s stepmom-slash-lover can take that away from her.

2. When Serena dressed to impress on Thanksgiving

This is an excellent representation of Serena’s fashion. Her hair is in one of her signature sexy, messy ponytails. She’s wearing  some interestingly patterned tights. Her skirt is extremely short. This is one of her Thanksgiving outfits, and you’ve got to give her major props for coordinating with not only the trees outside, but also with the table decor. In typical Serena fashion, she has outdressed everyone within a mile radius, but it works. I could never go to Thanksgiving in this, but for her, it makes sense, and this spice-colored silk getup will always stick with me.  

3. When Blair and Chuck took their uniforms (and color coordination) to the next level

So much to unpack here. First of all, how do they manage to make winter wear stylish? Because I’ve been looking like a potato for months now. Their dedication to spicing up otherwise-drab school uniforms is truly admirable, but the color coordination is the star of the show. The way Blair’s tights match her headband and Chuck’s coat? I am shaking. Her belt and coat are also exquisite. This is a typical example of Blair dressing to impress at every turn, wearing things most people would look utterly stupid in but that she makes look chic, sophisticated, and stylish. It’s aspirational, really.

4. When Blair stunned in a red gown, again

We all know Blair’s famous red gown from Paris (if you don’t, you’re a #fakefan). However, this lesser-known but no less exquisite little number is possibly one of my favorite outfits ever. The beaded sleeves? Revolutionary. The simple silhouette is elegant, sophisticated, and breathtaking. Blair’s hair is also a showstopper here, and her smokey eyes are a welcome twist on her usual fresh-faced look. Besides the eyesore that is Dan Humphrey, I am living for this look, this episode, everything. Wow.

5. When Blair and Serena made the most fashionable duo in Paris

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: one of the show’s biggest aesthetic strengths was its ability to coordinate Blair and Serena’s outfits in each and every scene. While each girl had her own distinct style, the pair always managed to play off of each other. Blair looks exquisite with her sleek hair and gem-encrusted dress, which has a showstopping sleeve-neckline situation. Meanwhile, Serena remains consistent with her similarly-glitzy outfit, but brings in some outside elements with some extra color and a shorter, more fitted romper silhouette. This is a perfect example of how Blair and Serena were styled, again and again, each one enhancing the other while maintaining her own unique lewk.

6. Serena’s cotillion dress

This is one of the few instances in which I will admit, without complaint, that Serena really and truly upstaged Blair. Not that Serena’s style wasn’t spectacular in its own right, but Blair consistently dressed more colorfully, inventively, and diversely, placing her in first place in my mind when it comes to Gossip Girl fashion. In many of the scenes where Blair and Serena coordinate, I see Blair’s look as setting the tone, and Serena’s complimenting Blair’s outfit with just enough variety and some tailoring to fit Serena’s unique style. In the cotillion episode, the costume designers went for a silver and gold theme, and Serena’s dress trumped Blair’s in every way. The pattern and color are just utterly Serena, and the design fit her body perfectly. Paired with her signature ponytail, this look was a showstopper. The one thing I cannot figure out is how she took even a step in this dress without tripping.

7. When Blair made preppy cool, again

The women of Gossip Girl were unparalleled in their ability to spice up their uniforms. I am certain I have never looked this good for school, and I didn’t even have a uniform. Blair’s artful use of a headband makes me almost think that I might want to wear one (until I remember that I really don’t), her ridiculous collar-bow situation, and the stylish peacoat on top all just work. She looks innocent, yet sophisticated; like a schoolgirl but also like a chic New York socialite. We should all feel very inferior. I certainly do.

8. Another typical Blair outfit

This outfit is one that is not widely written about in the world of Gossip Girl fashion articles, but it is one of my favorites. This is one of the looks that best encapsulates Blair’s style throughout the show. Most of her looks were an artful mix of stylish coat, beautiful dress, cool shoes, and some standout accessory. The combination of these cool ass tights and the plaid coat recall her schoolgirl days, while the heels and hat bring in a more adult element. Also, the pattern-mixing is superb.

9. Blair’s prom dress

Let us not forget Blair’s iconic prom dress. This beautiful gown with gold detailing, along with her crown, signify her as our rightful queen. Her hairstyle is fantastic, that ring is breathtaking, and she and Nate are beautiful together. I don’t really know what more I can say on the topic.

10. When Blair was in true form, fashion and otherwise

This scene where Blair shops her anxieties away is typical for a couple of reasons. Yelling at Dorota? Check. Spending thousands on couture? Check. Pairing a beautiful coat with a pretty dress and some killer accessories? Check. The combination of the red dress and hat with otherwise monochrome pieces is elegant, breathtaking, groundbreaking. This is a girl who is doing winter right, and we should all take a cue from her.

Gossip Girl seems to hold some eternal power over me: the power to make me feel like shit for having such poor personal style. Although I have neither the money, the looks, or the wherewithal to dress like the show’s leading ladies, the show’s killer aesthetic will never fail to captivate and inspire me. Maybe one day, I will be able to dress like Blair and Serena, but for now I must be content in my ratty sweatshirts and soft leggings, except for when I pop off occasionally and put on a pair of jeans.

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