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10 BuzzFeed Quizzes to Get You in the V-Day Mood

1. To start, “shower yourself with gifts” and BuzzFeed will accurately and factually reveal whether or not you’ll be in a relationship this Valentine’s Day.

2. Sick of men? It’s 2021, join the club. Plan a fun Galentine’s Day, and BuzzFeed will guess your favorite candy.

3. Want to know who you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with this year? Take this quiz to find out!

4. Feeling witchy? Want to combine two underrated yet somehow very overrated holidays? Channel your inner Hocus Pocus and concoct a love potion to find out what your fated Valentine’s Day plans will be.

5. Plan your perfect Valentine’s Day to find out which celebrity you’re spending it with!

6. Are you still trying to find the courage to confess your feelings to your crush this year? This quiz will tell you if you should do it.

7. Put together a chocolate box for your Valentine (even if it’s still a secret!) to learn who your female celebrity soulmate is!

8. Combine two of the most beautiful things in the world with this quiz: ice cream and flowers. Build your ideal ice cream sundae to learn which flowers you’ll be gifted on V-Day!

9. Still wondering if you have a Valentine this year? Choose some Valentine’s Day sweet treats, and BuzzFeed will tell you!

10. Finally, we’ve all wanted to know the answer to the most pressing question: which chocolate filling does our personality most emulate? Put together your perfect Valentine’s Day date, and BuzzFeed will tell you that too.

Noa Fay

Columbia Barnard '24

I am studying at Barnard College of Columbia University. Some of my academic interests include American politics, Israeli politics, Russian language, and Greek mythology. I am also a passionate opera singer and writer. In January 2020 I published my first novel, One Cruel House, and I hope to publish more.
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