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10 Best Chocolates to Give Your Sweet-Toothed Valentine

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With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, now is the perfect time to buy something sweet for your partner, best friend, or even yourself. Here is a list of some of the best chocolates to get for a special someone in your life this Valentine’s.

 Kohler Chocolates

Kohler provides a variety of chocolate gift options, including specialty boxes such as “The Love Collection,” as well as several signature gift baskets—all great picks for your valentine. Kohler additionally offers numerous non-chocolate options like protein bars, alcohol, and more. 

Alter Eco

Alter Eco offers both chocolate bars and truffles, and the company prides itself on its equitable and regenerative practices. Alter Eco’s products are all organically produced by small-scale farmers, and the company uses only recyclable or compostable packaging in order to reduce waste, making Alter Eco chocolates a tasty and sustainable gift. 

Lindt Truffles

Lindt owns Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bars, Lindt Gold Bunny, and, of course, Lindor Truffles (of which there are over twenty flavors to choose from). Lindt allows customers to create their own custom mix or choose from a variety of gift collections, such as Valentine’s Day baskets and gourmet truffle boxes.

Ferrero Rocher

With its sleek design and trademark flavor, Ferrero Rocher is a Valentine’s Day classic. Since the brand offers such a celebrated speciality, most of the options are quite reasonably priced. Beyond the characteristic Ferrero Rocher truffle, the company also has its own chocolate truffle gift boxes under the label “Golden Gallery Signature.”

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is dedicated to fighting against child labor and modern slavery in food production. They aim to spread awareness about such practices as well as actively lead by example through fair pay and sustainability. The organization offers many different flavors, Valentine’s Day specials, and Tony’s Chocolonely gift cards, all of which are  perfect presents for any chocolate-lover in your life.

Equal Exchange Chocolate Bars

Equal Exchange offers fairly priced chocolates that make a difference. The organization is a worker-owned cooperative which aims to promote “authentic fair trade” and support small farmers. The chocolate bars come in tons of flavors and the company also sells other products like teas, dried fruits nuts, and baking ingredients. A gift from Equal Exchange is not only a delicious choice, but an equitable one.

Christopher Elbow

Christopher Elbow is home to exquisitely made truffles. The chocolates are visually stunning—with ornate, geometric designs and vivid colors—and are packed with unique flavor combinations. These truffles certainly make for a striking Valentine’s Day gift.  

Godiva Valentine’s Day Box

Godiva, founded in Belgium, is a Valentine’s Day staple. Their assorted truffle tin is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and fairly priced, but their signature truffles gift box is especially indulgent (albeit a bit more expensive). 

Lake Champlain Truffles

Perhaps having grown up in the northeast has made me biased, but I believe that Lake Champlain Chocolates offers some of the best Valentine’s Day candies out there. The company has many assortments of truffles and other chocolate-y delights to choose from, including several vegan options. Although on the pricier side, I’d say that Lake Champlain is worth it.

See’s Chocolate

See’s Candies, first established in 1921, has perfected the art of truffle-making. The company offers an extensive range of flavors, from white chocolate strawberry truffles to dark chocolate almond nougat. Although See’s has plenty of pre-arranged Valentine’s day gift boxes to choose from, ordering online allows you to create your own custom mixes.

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