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Your Guide to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market

There is only one more chance to go to the farmer’s market this season! Halloween morning, October 31, will be the concluding day, so make sure you swing by and enjoy the true treasure that Hamilton weekends have to offer. I would like to consider myself a seasoned-vet at the farmers market. As a junior, I know the in’s and out’s of the Village Green on a Saturday morning. While the experience of autumn leaves falling around you is good enough to satisfy the cozy fall morning feeling, the following stands are sure to be a hit. Before we dive into the list, I want you to imagine you are at the Village Green and you have just walked across Broad Street from the Post Office. We will follow the designated path in order to get a true geographical experience.

Homemade Jams

When you first walk onto the Village Green from the Post Office, turn left and you will see two ladies selling a variety of items. To the very right of their table, they sell homemade jams and jellies. While they have a few flavors that I enjoy, the blackberry peach is spectacular. Putting this jam on a freshly toasted piece of bread is a snack I always look forward to.

Muffins, Breads, & and Pies

If you have been to the market and have not visited the couple that sells remarkably inexpensive baked goods, I’m convinced that you actually didn’t go. Right past the ladies with the jam are three tables filled with rice krispy treats, brownies, smores, cinnamon rolls, different breads, muffins, large pies, and even personal pies. The muffins are $1 and are insanely delicious.Pumpkin blueberry has my heart, so much so, I will usually buy their $4 mini loaf to last me the week. I don’t know what it is but I will always love those muffins.

Rye Berry

A little further down the way on the left side of the path is Rye Berry. Here you will find their employees selling loaves and baked goods. I always enjoy their sourdough bread and will alternate buying from them and another stand each week.

More Bread!

Just past Rye Berry is another stand that sells loaves of bread and baked goods. You’ll find a man here that sells slightly cheaper loaves than Rye Berry. If you’re a sourdough fan like me, his breads are slightly fluffier with a less crispy crust.


When you leave the second bread stand, turn right and then right again to head back towards where we started. All the way down before the next right turn, there will be a white truck on the left with tables full of fresh produce. The apples here are unmatched and I refuse to buy my apples anywhere else. You can get a huge bag of honeycrisp apples for just $8, which is a pretty great deal compared to supermarket prices. The apples are so fresh and crisp and will last me two weeks on average!


I love to buy my produce for the week at this next stand. When you leave the apples, turn right and then a quick left, there is an orange tent with a family of farmers. They have a huge assortment of fresh produce and herbs to choose from. I really enjoy their curly kale and their rainbow carrots. Their setup is also very COVID-friendly and similar to the Chipotle setup. You’ll walk down the table pointing to the produce you want as the person on the other side of the table packs it up in a box for you. When you’re done they have a contactless checkout which includes being able to use a card for payment! Their produce is a great price and is seriously so good.

If you’re looking for the best spots at the market, this is my official list! Not only do I enjoy the wholesome fall energy that comes from leisurely strolling through the Green, but it is also so great to be able to support local farmers and small businesses. Especially in a time like now, it is so important to help our local community.

Hi! My name is Kate Connelly and I am a junior studying Economics and Geography.
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