Your Easter Brunch, As Told By Beauty and the Beast

Families. They can bring the happiest of times...and the worst of times. Holidays—it has come to our attention have the tendency to fall into the latter category. Food is flowing, chatter is flying;  it seems only natural that a beasty presence arises.

Here is your Easter brunch, as told by the cast of the latest Disney adventure—Beauty and the Beast—live edition:

1.  You walk in to see second counsin, Patrick, has indeed returned from college in California..

Just when you were beginning to think distance made the heart grow fonder.

2.  Never fear—you see Poppy has made you note just one, but two frittatas!

You're not you when you're hungry, so eat up.

3.  Gammy asks (from the opposite end of the table) if you've "tied down" a boyfriend yet.

What happened to "You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important." Single doesn't mean mingle, am I right?

4.  You and that ghastly cousin reach for the last Pillsbury Crescent Roll..

May the odds be ever in your favor.

5.  Then, it turns out your Auntie's mimosas are a lot stronger than you give her credit for..

The room begins to spin.

6.  Soon enough—the only person you should be chatting with is your placemat.

Or childlike teacup—whatever suits your fancy!

7.  Making it to the final round of pastries and espressos seems like enduring a well fought battle..


8.  Then you realize the egg hunt has yet to begin—and who is hiding your eggs this year? None other than that coniving second cousin.

Finding them we'll be as easy as spotting the Beast in his darkness.

9.  But hoorah; Gammy is watching and you'll put on a brave face!

Afterall, the Easter basket will soothe your inevitable woes.

10.  All in all—remember Easter is a time to remember how appreciative you are for these family gatherings—and also remembering you have two and a half months until that July 4th celebration!

Sayonara, psychos!