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Why I Love the Colgate Cruiser

On one of the many rainy days that we have seen here in Hamilton recently, I decided to take the cruiser up the hill to my lab in Wynn Hall. This decision was multi-faceted; first, I could spend a bit more time doing some homework before leaving my apartment, and, as I mentioned, it was rainy. Riding the cruiser is a fairly new habit for me. Having lived up the hill my first two years here, as most students do, I was able to walk with ease to most of my destinations. Of course, there was always the occasional cruiser ride to the bookstore on a Friday afternoon or a ride up the hill from an ice hockey game on a particularly chilly Saturday night, but usually, I walked wherever I needed to go. My many cruiser rides so far this semester, mainly driven by (no pun intended) the greater distance between my apartment and my classes, have shown me that riding the cruiser can be relaxing. I am able to sit by the window, look out at the buildings and the people that pass by, and focus on nothing in particular for a few minutes before class or lab. 

On that specific rainy day that I mentioned above, I was especially caught up in staring out the window at the dark and dreary afternoon sky. It was the kind of day that would make most people want to stay home with a nice warm beverage and a good book, listening to the rain outside. I was unable to do so, so I climbed onto the cruiser and chose my seat by the window, beginning my uphill journey. As I looked out, the first thought that struck me was how Colgate manages to look so beautiful all of the time. Even on the gloomiest of days, Taylor Lake is a sight to behold—a striking, goose-filled landmark on the campus we call home. Willow Path, even in the rain, reminds me of walking downtown with friends in previous semesters and brings a smile to my face. The golden trees that dot the campus remind me that winter is on its way with the snow that will eventually blanket the campus, which is when I think Colgate looks its most serene. Riding past Persson Hall, the view is so breathtaking that I cannot help but stare whenever the chance comes along. Riding the cruiser provides me with the opportunity to sit back with a blank mind and just appreciate the beautiful campus that I call my second home. 

Sometimes, as the cruiser approaches the stop where I need to get off, I find myself wishing that the ride would last a bit longer, that the driver would decide to turn around before dropping me off so that I could have an extra minute or two to stare out the window. When my ride does end and I go about my day, I do so knowing that there will be another cruiser ride soon, during which I can again sit and take in the beauty that is all around me. 

Amanda Ennis

Colgate '22

I am currently a junior at Colgate University with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. I enjoy running, playing badminton, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends in my free time!
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