Weekly Weather in Hamilton as told by Gifs

It is official spring time! Or so I thought. In Central New York the weather is a bit crazy, so here is a story told in gifs about the weather.

1. It is Monday and the weather is a bit cloudy and cold. Basically capturing everyone’s Monday Mood. The Struggle No GIF by Victoria's Secret PINK

2. Now it is Tuesday and the week is starting to look a little better! The sun is shining, and the birds are chirping.


3. IT’S HUMP DAY!!! And the weather is looking great still! It finally looks like winter is over!

Happy Wednesday GIF

4 .But Alas! We were so wrong. Winter is in fact coming and here to stay with the snow starting again.

New Girl Television GIF by hero0fwar

5. Friday is a bit depressing with a mixture of rain and snowy slush. But hey! It’s Friday and the weather won’t keep our spirits down.

Friday GIF by chuber channel


6. Waking up after a fun Friday night to the sun shining might be the best hangover cure!

Hey Arnold Nicksplat GIF


7. And then it is back to Sunday….and the weather, well the weather is unpredictable. Hopefully it sorts itself out soon!

Raining Amanda Seyfried GIF