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Unlock Your Signature Spring Scent: Floral, Clean, and Fruity Picks for 2024

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A field of multi-colored flowers. A basket of fresh linens. A warm blueberry pie. As spring starts to bud around us, we’ve made it to the season of floral and fruity scents! When picking your signature spring fragrance, you might fit into one or a few of these categories: floral, clean, or fruity. Here’s your field guide to each as you consider which scent will define your season. 

Fresh Floral Fragrances

In the category of floral scents, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true brands — Chloé’s Roses De Chloé is a personal favorite. This soft mix of rose petals, sweet vanilla, and deep amber presents both a mature and feminine mix of sweet essences that doesn’t overpower the senses. In contrast to other candy-like perfumes, this rosey mix is subtle and refined, and it’s the perfect pink bottle to adorn your vanity. 

If you’re looking for something sweeter, though, Marc Jacob’s Daisy Love might be your pick. This variation of the classic Daisy scent is sweeter and almost cherry-like . To me, it smells like a berry gummy with a hint of floral essences. Dab this scent on your wrists, neck, and upper waist to create a sugary aura that combines floral with fruity. 

Squeaky Clean Cotton Smells

If the clean-girl aesthetic is your avenue, look no further than Philosophy’s pure grace eau de parfum. This bubbly scent carries a crisp profile of lilies, water, and grass that combine to smell a bit like a high-end shampoo. It’s perfect to pair with a cozy outfit, allowing you to level up your style with a refined scent. 

Another clean scent to-try is Maison Margiela’s ‘Replica’ of a Lazy Sunday Morning — a smell meant to mimic the feeling of waking up in a fluffy comforter with the sun’s rays creeping through your window. The fragrance’s musky, unisex formula smells like a clean hotel, which you can replicate in your own space.  

Fruity Scents 

In the world of fruity perfumes, there are many possibilities — Gucci’s flora line features a variety of fruity/floral scents to choose from. The Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum stands out not only for its bright blue bottle, but for its mandarin-jasmine scent. If you have a preference for pear, try the pink bottle, Gorgeous Gardenia

If the tropical island vibe is more your key, try Phlur’s Mango Mood hair and body fragrance mist. Paired with brown sugar notes, this fragrance emphasizes the sweet, coconutty essence of the fruit at a reasonable price-point. Phlur’s Tangerine Boy spray is another option — try this scent if you’d like to be followed by a lemony-citrus cloud. 

Altogether, the best part of choosing your signature spring fragrance is that it’s all about you and your preferences! Pick a fragrance that matches your aesthetic, and you’ll be ready to stroll into a sweet and authentic spring. 

Tate Fonda

Colgate '25

Tate Fonda is a third-year student at Colgate University with concentrations in Neuroscience and English. She writes for University News and the Maroon, and in her free time, she collects vinyl records and broadcasts a radio show.