Tylor & Tyson Spink '16: Two Is Better Than One

Since it was hard to choose one over the other… There are two campus cuties this week. Meet Tyson and Tylor Spink, the perfect candidates for Colgate’s Campus Cutie: Twin Edition.

Names: Tyson Alexander Spink & Tylor Robert SpinkHometown: Williamstown, OntarioCampus Activities: Colgate’s Men’s Hockey Team and Adopt a ClassroomFun Facts: Tyson shared they are not only identical twins, but also mirror twins. Tylor has one ear that is bigger than the other.Dream Job: Professional hockey playersRelationship Status: Tylor has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost three years now, but luckily for the rest of the ladies, Tyson is single.

What is the best and worst part about being a Colgate hockey player?Tyson: “We’re nationally recognized and have a good reputation, but I hate late road trips coming back from away games. They can be 7-8 hours long, and we still have to do homework when we get back.”Tylor: “I don’t like getting stigmatized by certain professors, but I have 22 best friends that I get to spend a lot of time with.”What is your most memorable game-time moment?  Both agreed it was winning the quarterfinals in Lake Placid the last two years.Did you both always want to go to college together? "Yes."Why did you choose Colgate?Tylor: “We were recruited by the hockey team and we had a best buddy from home that was at Colgate already, and he talked it up a lot.”What is the best and worst part about being a twin?Tyson: “The best is being able to share clothes, but I hate being referred to as ‘the twins’.”Tylor: “I don’t like when people that should know us mix us up. The best part is there’s always someone you know and have.”Has a girl ever mistaken one of you for the other in a more intimate setting?Tyson: “Yes, no further comment…”Do you have a favorite place on campus?Tyson: “The rink. I’ll be sad to not be playing in it once the new rink is ready, but a new one is good for the Colgate hockey program.”Tylor: “The locker room.”

Are you fans of the jug?  They both are, especially during off-season.What qualities do you look for in a girl?Tyson: “I like when girls are easy to talk to, out-going, and have a pretty smile.”Tylor: “Its better when they are low-maintenance, not needy, and have nice legs.”Do you have any relationship deal-breakers?Tyson: “I don’t like it when girls are fake or phony.”Tylor: “I’m not a fan of when girls wear a ton of make-up.”What is your dream date?Tyson: “I’d like to have a nice dinner with a girl, nothing too fancy, and by the water.” **swoon**Tylor: “Dinner and drinks on a boat would be nice.”Celebrity Crush:Tyson: Emma WatsonTylor: Caroline WozniackiRole Model:Tyson: “Probably my parents because they’ve always been there for me and supported me.”Tylor: “Jesse Winchester. He is a former Colgate hockey player that went on to play for the NHL.”Do you have any plans upon graduating Colgate?  Both just plan to “go with the flow”.

Do you have any last comments about being the campus cuties?Tyson: “It’s about time… (Just kidding)”Tylor: “I’m flattered.”