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Stop Everything—Watch the Women Tell All & Fall in Love with Corinne All Over Again

Come on—Corinne needs no introduction. But because we love her so much, we’ll give it to you. She the ultimate love hate villain of the Bachelor and this week’s Women Tell All episode—we were feeling the most love ever!

If you didn’t watch—here’s why you should:

1.  Corinne’s dressing room scene pre-show. Let’s just say cucumber salad and a difficult chamapgne bottle…

2.  When we got to see this rare footage of the cheese queen herself

3.  Because all of a sudden Corinne had a possé and their names are Jasmine and Josephine…

Nobody messin’ with Josephine’s clique.

4.  The ultimate Taylor and Corinne showdown—we’ll let you guess who remained victorious

5.  When the going got tough—Corinne chose champagne…again.

6.  And then she displayed the most eloquent defense in the high courts of the Bachelor history

Even Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan.

7.  As if that wasn’t logical enough—Corinne added…

The Women Tell All should have been renamed to the Corinne Tell Off—she killed it and we approve.

All hail Queen Corinne!

Morgan is a junior at Colgate University where she majors in Creative Writing and minors in Film & Media Studies.  On campus, Morgan is a New Member Educator for greek life's Kappa Kappa Gamma.  When she's not under stacks of English literature in the library, you can find her watching old reruns of Laguna Beach with her co-correspondent leader, Caroline Parsons.  An avid listener of country music, interior design fanatic, and diehard Bachelor spectator.  Check out the blogs and articles produced by Morgan, Caroline, and their diverse (just as weird) team of writers!
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